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July 2, 2009

What'cha Gonna Do With All that Junk....All that Junk Inside Your Trunk?

I am very often frustrated with my treasure hunting time......owning and running the store and being basically a "one woman show", my time is very limited. That's why I am so very grateful for the few "pickers" I have that know what I love and "bring it" almost each and every time. They know the more eclectic the better and that nothing is ever, ever trash in my eyes. If it is way beyond it's original state, then we just make something else from it, but I throw very little away. This is a sampling of some of the things that came in this week.....boy, do they have me pegged! It's like Christmas each and everytime they back into my parking lot and pop the trunk.........
Only missing her mohair wig......what a find.....what a treasure!
Absolutely GORGEOUS antique lampshades.....these are to die for......

Big and magnificient
and panels and panels of antique lace curtains. Not perfect, but perfect for something!
.....and wonderful snippets of antique lace...yummy!

It was a pretty good week
xo jana


  1. Hi Jana. Lovely vintage finds! Thank you for sharing your photos. Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday! Sharon

  2. Hi Jana!! you have great pickers!!!!Love the lampshades!! and lace even if not perfect you can ALWAYS use lace on any project or just draped over s table always looks wonderful...When I get the small lace trims I always put them in a big glass container and it looks wonderful until Idecide what to use it for!! have a wonderful day! Marlene

  3. Wonderful finds, love those lampshades!! Have a sparkling 4th of July****Maureen

  4. Jana, gorgeous simply gorgeous, the lace, lamp shades, candelabra, doll, loves it :) you have some people with great tastes helping you :) we should all be so lucky...Rose


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