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July 3, 2009

Sometimes you gotta play.......

In the very bottom of the box I received this week from one of my "pickers" was this very distraught sawdust pincushion.....as I mentioned earlier, I just don't throw anything away. The store was rather quiet today right before the 4th, so I took advantage of some down time to play. Pulling out some of my antique velvet remnants and trims, it took on a whole new life with the velvet handmade rose and leaves. All sewn in place, it looks as though it came this way. Ready for pins or brooches and a new life. Never judge a book by it's cover....there is always beauty to be found , even in the "ugly"of life. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it............

to finish...

Have a safe and fun Holiday.....jana


  1. Your little pin cushion is great, but what I really loved was the lamp shades and the little bald headed lady. I would say you have the very best pickers.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will see you next week befor the trade day sale at Ray's.

  2. That little pin cushion was just a diamond in the rough.....I LOVE what you did to it! One of these days I've got to make a run over to Arlington to visit your store. Hope you're having a delightful weekend.

  3. I am so enjoying going through your older posts! My what creativity!

    Your shop is just the kind I love to shop at- now...how to get to Arlington!! I have family we go see every now and then in Smithville- outside Austin but Dallas area is just a bit out of the way!



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