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July 31, 2009

Hello.....My Name is Jana, and I'm a Laceaholic...

Brenda worked yesterday. I was supposed to go to Canton with Lisa, however, she was ill all week and we couldn't make it this month. I knew I could always find something for Brenda to do, so there was no point in cancelling her workday. She had gone through my lace boxes and bins some months ago, and it was quite a chore.....so much and not enough space. Sorting by age, by handmade versus machine made, and yardage from snippets.....well, you get the idea. You can imagine the look of "deer in headlights" when she asked, "Well, Missy, we are we gonna do today?".....I saw the look on her face, but held my own. I very bravely told her I had found two more large plastic bins of lace and we were going to "process" it like all the rest . I must admit, she didn't flinch, although I knew how she was really feeling. God love her, she didn't judge, she didn't hesitate....she just jumped right in. Eight hours later as she cleared the last snippet of lace from the work table I know I saw hope in her eyes and I KNOW I heard a sigh of relief. Hope that this really was the last of my vast stash, and a sigh that the day was over and she didn't have to look at any more lace.....

So, it's officially out there, and I concede. I am over the top in my lace fettish and it has become a real addiction. If I see it, I've got to have it. Don't have an immediate purpose for it.......so what? Don't have room......so who cares! I love the stuff.....love how it looks, love how it feels, and adore how the old stuff smells. This is just a sampling of what I actually have.....I was afraid to show it all to you for fear you would side with Brenda.....In my defense I do actually use the stuff, regardless of how difficult it is to see it leave the store on one of the sweaters or pillows I carefully create from my collection.......

My name is Jana, and I am a laceaholic......however, the good thing is there is still so much antique lace out there that I have yet to find that I can continue to feed my addiction....please just don't tell Brenda, she has such high hopes for my recovery!


  1. Don't feel bad Jana, I'm an addic too. I think I'm an addic junker. I love everything. And its hard when you have run out of room to store it. I went to garage sales this morning, but I am to be congradulated because I came home with nothing. I am soooooooo PROUD of me.
    Have a wonderful day friend!!!!

  2. I too am one...and I am on the patch...24 x7
    I can not fit anymore in my house or garage..its a sickness I am sure!

  3. Jana ~ I love all of your lace ! It is beautiful and I can very much relate to your lace addiction because I have bins of it ~

  4. I can so identify with this posting, Jana! I have mountains of lace too, and I would love to have a Brenda to organize me!

  5. Lace is such a great thing to be addicted to. I am taking up the habit myself.

  6. I also am addicted but, I must admitt you win in the stash contest! But, I will see what I can do to catch up as soon as possible. :)

    I leave on a jet plane tomorrow. See ya when I get back. I will have my computer but, not sure how it will work in the hotel. OMG Sunday was amazing! Saving the photos to post on MET MONDAY!

  7. I feel your pain! In my case....lace is just the tip of the iceberg! We all have something to deal with...it could be a lot worse! Enjoy your lace! It is beautiful!

  8. Hi Jana, I just found your blog and your last post made me smile....my husband has threatened to send me to a 12 step program for junkers. I said sign me up, as long as the meetings are at the local flea market, I'm in! Cute blog,


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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