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July 7, 2009

It was laying there on the floor, under the sales bins where the purses are kept. It had been run over several times with a shopping cart, and I am sure I saw shoe prints on it as well. Dusty and dirty, and most assuredly destined for the trash bin. I felt so sorry for it that I stooped to pick it up and toss it back into it's bin...brushing some of the dust on my jeans hoping to give it back a little of it's original dignity and possibly save it's little life for some future customer. I don't know why but I was compelled to flip open the clasp at the top to peek inside.....what I found was the most perfect satin lining and a "Peck & Peck of New York" designer tag inside. At that point I knew it had to be saved, and that I was the one to do it. I knew the bag had no real resale value in it's current state, but it was just begging for a second life. I tossed it in my cart with my other things and checked out. It layed around the store for weeks, being pushed from one side to the other with me wondering just what I was thinking buying this piece. I decided I had to either do something with it or send back to where it came. It seems I always resort to my stash of antique velvet fabrics and remnants for inspiration so it was a natural to pull these bags from the sewing cabinet. Once I picked it up and started the process of creating tiny stitches around small pieces of stripped antique velvet, bunching and rusching as I went along I couldn't stop. The end result was this one of a kind, unique, sweet, sweet velvet rose bag. I consider my style to be Bohemian Victorian so this piece fit perfectly. I was glad I could once again give something life, and I hope I did it "proud".

Hundreds of tiny stitches and "shards" of antique velvet create the rebirth of a worn vintage bag. I just love it!


  1. Great looking purse!!! Those velvet roses really doll up things.

  2. beautiful job!!!! I love it! wonderful to transform something like you did! Have a great day! Marlene


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