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March 11, 2010

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

And this is one of those endings and beginnings.
Almost a year ago I thought I might like to share some of my store with other dealers .
I had hoped to lighten my work load and also add new dimension to the Shoppe.
Not only did this turn out to be much more work for me, but I realized I didn't like it either.
I had no problem sharing my space and was not territorial at all,
I just found that not everyone likes to play nice....
.and you know what they say......
Life is just too short!
So, I have reclaimed my space.....or almost all of it, as two dealers have really, really wanted to stay. They have been so wonderful , I just couldn't "toss them out".
What I did do, however, was to flip the art studio to the back of the building, pushing the two remaining tenants up front to the windows. Not only is this a good deal for me, but it also makes the Shoppe East Wing more shopper friendly and utilizes the two large windows for more display space that can be seen from the street and front walk.
This is just one half of the new studio. The other half is on the opposite side of the room and is an almost identical reflection with the table being the same size and directly across from this one. It will be complete the first of the month after the last dealer leaving is completely gone. The only difference is going to be the items stored on the shelf and items hung on the walls. It will also have a computer, scanner, and printer in place just for art projects that use image transfers and similar techniques. The flip side of the room where the art easel and paint supplies are will be the new sewing area, complete with my sewing machine, serger, fabrics, laces, and mannequin dress forms. I did have to consider this is part of the Shoppe and can be seen by customers.......that's why it just had to kind of "blend" in with everything. It will be alot more secluded, though, not allowing customers to go beyond the gate.
I'm very excited about it's progress and the fact that I have gotten back to square one........ There's a TV and recorder for the instructional videos I watch

And my paints and easel finally set up in their own permanent place.....
maybe, just maybe, I will be able to finish these two paintings.

Each table will accommodate six people, providing they don't have to really, really spread out.
I can now resume teaching classes.

The skirted table hides all of the many containers of lamp parts....
there's over 25 different boxes so this works well as there is just no way to make them pretty.

A great shelf up top for storage of "storage" containers that hold less often used items.

Lots of nooks and crannies for all kinds.
of stuff....the drawers hold all the old sheet music and books I use.
And last, but not least.....Papa George's old typewriter.
It works wonderful for labels and such.
And I know he would be proud I'm using it.

I'm definitely happier these days ;)

Thank you for stopping by........
I always love it when you come!


  1. Your art area looks great! You had me hooked at 25 boxes of lamp parts and containers of sheet music! I could spend hours in your boxes, Jana!

  2. Good for you, to do what you feel is best, without getting bogged down in all the bickering. How wonderful that you get to teach! and I love the look of your painting in progress!


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