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March 23, 2010

Meet the "White Family"~My White Wednesday

As I was packing up things at the Shoppe on Sunday afternoon to take to the Good Morning Texas television shoot, my sweet man pulled up in front of the store. I could see he had a big white dog in the van.......no, he had two big white dogs in the van. What the .......? He called me outside and I saw there were FOUR white dogs in the van.....all filthly dirty, all exhausted, and starving half to death. He had picked them up on a busy street not far from his store. There was no question what we had to do, and that was to rescue them.....which we did.
Sunday night they were so cold from the rain and light snow we had over the weekend that we simply got them warm, made them soft beds in the garage and fed them well.
However, last night it was bath time......as well as removing the ticks and cleaning the ears.....it went fairly well because they are just so gentle.....often abused dogs are that way........they know better than to act out for fear of being mistreated. Tonight we decided to introduce the white clan to the black clan......and the black clan has two female alpha dogs so we didn't have any idea how it would go. We were pleasantly surprised with just a few snarls and growls.....Little Effie was so scared she fell in the swimming pool not once, not twice, but three times
........just so clumsy at this age, but so incredibly precious.
We can't keep them.....7 big dogs are just too many and even I know that. Still, I wish I could....they are so adorable....all of them. However, not being able to keep the ones we save, doesn't keep us from saving them......somebody has to.
I so wish you had to have a license to breed animals.....I so wish there were so few that it wouldn't be easy for irresponsible people to get them.....I so wish people would realize owning a pet is for life....that they are not disposable because the new apartment won't take them, or because they start to dig in the yard, or because they are too much "trouble".
My animals are my family. Now, meet the whole family.......Mama Bonnie, Papa Clyde,
And babies just 12 weeks old and 25 pounds.....Effie and Layla.

Layla and Effie adored my Big Joe......he's a friend to everyone and has seen many come and go.

Thank you for stopping by today and for all the sweet emails about my "TV debut"

AND please have your pets spayed and neutered.....
and save the next one you see that needs you.

Thank you to our host Kathleen at Faded Charm for our White Wednesday get togethers....please use the button on my sidebar to see the what the others have for you and enjoy!


  1. You have a beautiful furry family.

    My pups only have a little white on them. They are shelties and we were fortunate to find them through Minnesota Sheltie Rescue.

    Rescue groups are a great way to find a dog if you are looking for a specific breed.

  2. oH HOW beautiful they are...Oh what an angel you are.. I too would do the same..I can't believe how people are..either..But there are plenty of people like you and me..I hope you find good homes, and soon, I tend to fall madly in love and can't part with them once I have them near...

  3. Ahhhh look at those furbabies. So adorable. Happy WW.

  4. Oh, you are the best!!!! Thank you so much for saving them!! I too am weary of a mentality that views animals as a disposable commodity. They are living, breathing, loving souls who deserve only love and understanding. Not abandonment.

    With sincere gratitude,

    Romeo (who was once upon a time abandoned)

  5. Jana, You are such an angel, they are so lucky to have you! I am with you on a license to breed, they shouldn't be treated as a commodity, whats wrong with some people!
    Enjoy those great big balls of fur :-)

  6. Bless you for help those who can't help themselves. I could just cry if I thought too hard about all the others that can't be saved.
    I wish people would get a wake up call and learn that these helpless creatures can't care for themselves on the streets.

  7. If I were close enough I would take them in myself. They are adorable. One reason we have so many cats is because we've picked them up the last few years. Now people here have learned this and somedays we wake up to new cats and kittens that's been dropped by. I can't ignore the little things and they immediately become ours till we can find them a home.

  8. What a great white wednesday story. The dogs are so pretty what a great thing you did for them.


  9. How generous you are with your time and love!

  10. Those fur babies are just beautiful. You have my heart for taking them in and I will pray that they can be adopted out to the loving families they deserve. The best White Post ever!

  11. I think you are just wonderful and if I lived nearby I would love to take one off of your hands. I wish too that people would not be so cruel - dogs are man's best friend and should be treated as such.
    Love your blog - it makes my day - thanks

  12. So cute! Pets are an adorable part of the family.
    Win Rachael Ray bake ware at my blog.

  13. Awww they are so cute! I love your Etsy shop:)

  14. How wonderful you are to take them in and take care of them while they wait for a forever home. They are beautiful dogs:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  15. Well my dear, sweet lady,

    As an animal rescuer from way back,(childhood in fact); I so admire your efforts and couldn't agree with you more regarding responsibility, nutering, spaeing and proper nutrition and overall tender loving care!.., I must say it brought tears to my eyes! I cannot help myself; really I've always had a tender heart that way toward those thousands, perhaps likely overall, millions of innocent, abused and abandoned animals,( and children) worldwide!~It breaks my heart!! Thank you so much for sharing and as mentioned, for your kindness; those dogs are adoreable and utterly precious!

    I just today, looked at the picture of my beloved dearly departed Golden Lab, 'Ginger' dog tonight and said;.., "I'll always love you baby, I miss you soooo much!"..,

    As we currently run a bed and breakfast, we have had to curtail the owning and rescuing of pets at present.~ We now only have one dear, long haired calico kitty named 'Peaches'; also a precious rescue animal!

    This is my first week participting with, 'White Wednesday'; I'm so enjoying meeting my fellow participants! Please do pop by for a wee visit!

    Best regards for your television debut; good for you! Sounds exciting!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ Dressing Table Heaven

  16. You and your husband have such kind and sensitive hearts to rescue these beautiful animals! Find them good homes, Jana! I know you will (if you can bear to part with them.)


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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