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March 25, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #10~A Fast Cute Apron!

It goes without saying this has been the week of all weeks.
Starting off with the stress of finding four large dogs needing help, the hussle and bussle of the TV taping on Monday, my daughter being out of town for three days and me having my sweet tater girl alot of that time.....
and then, the camera won't work.
Well, that's not going to stop me from posting a Quick Project Thursday.....
firstly because I said I would...
and secondly....because I can use a "quick break" from the life that is "in my face" this week :)
I do, however, apologize for the photos I am having to use as they are taken from my files and not really how I would like them to be for describing or showing someone how to make them....
BUT....here goes!
What I have today is simply an apron made from an old pair of jeans.
Cut both legs off at crotch level, and split down the side seams, cutting through the waistband.
You can use both the front and back for an apron,
so decide if you want back pockets or front pockets and a zipper for yours.
Fold the piece you have chosen in half and trim down from the sides, rounding the corners....
you could leave it square as well, if you want...I simply like mine rounded.
I have chosen a lace edge and sew it onto the hem area with the jean fabric overlapping the lace by approximately 2". Once this is sewn, cut the 2" overlap area as you would fringe.
The seam attaching the jeans to the lace will be your stopping point.
Once this is washed, it will fringe and ravel more giving a more unique look.
Embellish your pockets with lace, doilies, or anything else that suits your taste.
For the sash, cut a long piece of fabric or lace, leaving the edges raw or hemming as desired.
Thread the sash through the existing belt loops, securing at each end of denim fabric with a simple stay stitch. You can also use an actual belt and buckle it to fit.
The size of your apron will depend of the size jeans you use......you could even do a child's size to match your own......very easy, and very cute!
Thank you for stopping by today. If you would ever like to join in on Quick Project Thursday and post something you think others might like, just grab my button and let me know you are playing.....it's always fun to share!


  1. They are adorable! I will have to give this a try.

  2. Now those are just too darn cute! And, at the same time you are recycling and living green, err, ah......blue!


  3. Hmmm.. I've used the back of the jeans for an apron, but not the front, like you did here.. But I like it! Very pretty! ~tina

  4. Those are so cute! Love all the lace extras. I just found this blog and already am loving it. Looking forward to seeing much much more!
    I'll have to find your store too next time in your area...I'm near Canton, so Dallas area is not my usual run!!!

  5. Hi sweetie,
    Glad i made you smile. Was it the prunes?? =)

    Sweet aprons. Going back to read how they are done.
    Did not see where to link up, but guess you put it somewhere.


    barbara jean

  6. Oh these are tooo easy!!

    Love the idea.
    thanks sweet friend


    barbara jean


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