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February 5, 2010

Barbara Jean's Teabag Roses

I love to visit Barbara Jean at Treasures from the Heart because she has so many really wonderful ideas....and ones that can be completed fairly quickly and with much reward for your time. When I saw her tea bag roses I knew I had to try one.......I make roses out of everything and this was a new one on me! I must admit, I am not much of a reader......more of an observer and inspector, wanting to figure it out for myself. Well, the one problem I had with doing that here is I didn't realize you were supposed to dump the tea leaves out of the wet bags and open the papers to dry....which when done correctly, allows the paper to dry quickly. Oh, no.....I left the entire tea bag in a small saucer for what seemed like days expecting the whole thing to dry....and all the time struggling with my sweet man because he wanted to throw them away.....well, it pays to read instructions and when I did it right, the project went very quickly. I also took my cue from Barbara Jean and used them on a frame......this was actually because I found a 5x7 ceramic frame next to my dumpster out back and wanted to be the one to "save" it, as the artist in all of us does. So my tea bag roses became a frame project as well. The thing I really love about recreating someone elses art is the fact that it never looks quite the same....which is a good thing, right? We all put our own spin on it, allowing ours to always look just a little different.....my roses are much larger.....but, in my defense, I am a Texas Girl! Visit Barbara Jean here for a look at her beautiful work and the instructions on how to recreate her creative tea bag roses......( The picture in the frame is simply a lining behind the glass....you would actually be able to insert your own picture here....this just looks prettier for display.)

I hope you also try Barbara Jean's little tea bag roses......it is such a wonderful idea for repurposing and a precious idea!




  1. Your roses are just gorgeous,and I think you did really well,I simply love them.

  2. I think your roses are wonderful. You did a great job, can't wait to pop over and see Barbara Jean's tutorial.

  3. Your roses turned out very pretty..I, too love Barbara Jean and she is so sweet to share the things and ideas with all of us...I haven't tried the roses and I want to do the little bab shoes but have not located any at the thrift stores yet....

  4. Jana,
    Thank you for the sweet post.
    I adore your roses and frame!! Great job putting that lovely piece together.
    And good job keeping your husband away from those tea bags!
    Glad you know how to dry them faster now. =))

    I'm doing a post to show your frame off.

    blessings and hugs

    barbara jean


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