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February 11, 2010

~Powder 'n Paint Makes a Girl What She Ain't~

I'm sure you have seen one of these ugly things......you know, the typical Styrofoam wig head? I have no idea what possessed me to buy any of these, but I did.....and it was a long time ago. I guess I had a plan, but I can't imagine what that was. Then about two years ago I was digging through the 90% off bin at Joanns and came across bags of papier mache mulch. I didn't need it, but it was just 50 cents a bag...so what's a girl to do? Yep, I bought all four bags. Now, I can cut, and glue, and glitter with the best of 'em, but I had no earthly idea what I was planning on doing with this stuff, but you do understand that it was just 50 cents a bag, right?

Somehow, months later, the two met. It wasn't an epiphany or anything like that.....they were just on the same shelf. I mixed the papier mache and starting smashing it and molding it onto the wig head attempting (and I use the word loosely) attempting to make a face. I didn't know if it would stick.....I didn't know if it would stay.....but, what the hey....it's just my time, right? Needless to say, it took them a really, really long time to dry and I guess I just lost interest. Or, that is my story at this point. And, you can see, they weren't the prettiest things to look at. Because the back room flooded during the last rain, I had to pull things from the area....and these two came back out once again. They were damp and either needed to be trashed or finished, and how does a recycler throw anything away? I've always been one to go for the less obvious of projects trying to make my own way, which is sometimes (and this is one of those times) just a bit funky, to say the least.

And so it began.....I sanded a little, but the surface was just too rough to take it down running the risk of the whole thing just cracking........so, a little base paint and a little detailing....

And the girls became mannequins of sorts.........I'm pretty sure I had the blonde lady for Senior English because she looks pretty mean. I personally think she looks like Martha Washington.......thus her name of "Mrs. W". Now, "Jolene" is a much friendlier sort and thinks she is much prettier than she actually is......all the time realizing that a little "powder and paint can make a girl what she ain't", and can turn paper mache and styrofoam into something really fun.


  1. Wow.. These are really great! LOVE how they turned out!.. I do, as a matter of fact own a few of these styrofoam heads, but I use them to display my crochet hats.. the more frivolous, made-strictly-for-fun types of hats, for display only!.. Anyways, I love how you named them! You should definitely make more, I think! ~tina

  2. Jana.. I am having problems reading your post on the side bar.. I LOVE the lace and Jewlery on this but your writing may need to be darker..maybe its my screen ..It is AMAZING how these turned out..wow what a transformation!! Your creativity is just amazing.. I love these!

  3. You are such a HOOT my friend. I think Mrs. W moved to Bell high school after she taught you and I had her.
    You rock!


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