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February 18, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #6

SNAP!!!! If I get any further behind, I'll catch up with myself on the other end. Still, I've got a cute, quick idea and a great way to display some of your favorite brooches or hat pins, so let's go!

1. Find a teacup and saucer you like....if you are Victorian take it that direction, or if you are more French Country, go there....you get my drift, right?

2. Because I am a girlie girl, I like to use velvet for the puncushion, but there again, choose the fabric that coordinates with your project and cut a circle about 8" in diameter.....I use a dinner plate as a template for mine.

3. By hand, run a stitch around the outside of the fabric about 1" in from the edge. Because I like to pull mine really tight to get a hard cushion, I use a double strand of dental floss so it doesn't break when stuffing and pulling.

4. Pull the gathers up about 3/4 of the way and start stuffing with polyester or cotton batting. When you have the size and hardness you want, gather the "ball" up the remainder of the way and knot the floss.

5. Because I don't like to ruin a antique or collectible teacup, I use my hot glue gun to place the pincushion ball inside the teacup as it can always be removed from the porcelain years from now. Start with a small dot of glue and press the ball down onto it. From that point, simply work your way around the cup about 1/2" down from the edge and press the cushion in as you go. Hold it down each time until you are sure the glue is holding, otherwise it will pull up and you smear the glue on your fabric....and this is not pretty.

6. From that point, start embellishing your cushion. Of course, with me, MORE is not enough, so I opt for old millinery flowers, buttons, keys, anything you desire. Keep your large design to one side so you can still use the pincushion for brooches and such.

Viole'.......it's done!

Thanks for stopping by for this quick project....if you would ever like to share one of yours, just grab my button and link back to me so I know you are playing....We'd love to have you, because, after all.....isn't sharing what it's all about?!


  1. That is the most "decked out" teacup I have ever seen! Are you having alot of caffeine lately, Jana? Ha! I love it!!!

  2. this is so cute! Thanks so much for the directions! I can't wait to try to make my own!

  3. What a pretty project idea! Sounds like I might could do it, too!! Hot glue I can do!! BTW, Sterling is adorable!!

    Happy PS!

    Angelic Accents

  4. Very pretty Jana!.. And I never thought to use it for my brooches before.. LOVE that idea! There is another idea I had for displaying and keeping brooches, but I'll have to look that up, if I can remember to! Sorry I missed QP Day this past week, but see what I can come up with for the coming week. Hope you're enjoying the weekend! ~tina


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