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February 26, 2010

My Mama's Cookie Tins......

My little Mama loves butter cookies and the Piroutte cookies that come in all of the various tin cans. Well, she is also a child of the depression, and I also harp on her about recycling, and that is difficult for her because she lives in a little town....population 88. Soooo, she saves all of these tins and presents them to me when I visit.......she just knows I can do "something" with them.
Because she has such faith in my ability, I just can't toss them in the recycle bin.....I simply can't.
This is the last "lot" I received from her.......gave them all the same look with the little handpainted roses.
Guess it makes me think of Spring!

Have a Happy Friday......

Thank you for stopping by....

You know I love it when you come!


  1. So pretty and so sweet of your mama! She's right - you do know just what to do with those tins. ~ Angela

  2. I tell you what girl, you can really work a can!
    They look so pretty with the pink roses,(swoon).
    My Mom used to collect everything, bless her heart. She was also a child of the depression and she just couldn't throw away anything.


  3. How sweet your mom saves those for you:)
    What beautiful roses! Now they are such treasures:)
    have a great weekend!

  4. Very pretty and cleaver way to reuse such a useful item. They are wonderful for holding small things like ribbons, lace, buttons, etc.

    Way to go.
    Working on PS rounds.

  5. Jana amor, you made those tins gorgeous...and it's so nice to see a big girl be nice to her mama :) and that is from one big girl that loves her mama to another :) Besos, Rose

  6. Jana amor, I completely forgot to email you back...thank you so much for your offer on the dried hydrangeas...you are a heart...I think I will wait and see if I get some blooms this year from mine, I have a white one and one that the blooms are in burgandys and sage...I hope I don't mess up when the time comes to dry them :) Bsos, Rose


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