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February 15, 2010

Meet ROGER...

.......he's the latest addition to our backyard. He first started coming trying to eat fish from the pond, but now just comes to sit a spell. I wish he would find his buddies and not look so lonely all the time, but that hasn't happened yet. He is so unbelieveably gorgeous with his wing span being at least four to five feet when he flies away as the dogs run outside .....they haven't kept him from coming, though....he seems it like it here.
Stay warm today, my friends.......this weather just doesn't seem to want to stop.


  1. How in the world did your new friend ever find you? What a lovely person you must be for such a wonderful creature to have chosen you for a friend.

  2. Oh how beautiful... he is coming to rest in the grace of your yard! he feels safe there..Your home must have wonderful energy.. to draw him there! Have a wonderful day! Marlene

  3. How awesome is that girl..I would love to seeing something like that outside my window...Instead I see the deer every day eating my yard ha ha!! Oh well they lived here first...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. I dont like your new friend, his friend has been to my pond and had lunch, they are huge!!!

  5. Oh wow, how exciting is this, and you named him Roger, now that is funny, but so cute.

    Enjoy your Day-

  6. Jana amor, what a pretty lil friend you have visiting you :) Hope you had a wonderul Valentines weekend with your loved one :) Besos, Rose


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