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February 24, 2010

Sometimes I Just Don't Understand.......My White Wednesday Find

It goes without saying that not everyone loves this old stuff as much as I do, nor do they put as much sentiment into it . I "get that", and am glad because it leaves more for me.....Still, you have to wonder why this little antique hanky just wasn't special enough for the family to save.
The Mother even left a note attached to it "I carried this when Daddy & I married"......what could possibly cause a child to NOT want to keep this. Regardless of whether they valued it or not, if it was kept for all those years by their mother, then surely that would place some sort of sentimential value, wouldn't it?

I found this hanky at a thrift store years ago and it brought tears to my eyes. I knew if HER family wasn't going to keep it for her memory, then I would.....nevering knowing who she was, but knowing I had to do it for her........and for me.
How does anyone walk away from something like this without wanting to "save" it.
I know I can't....and I didn't.....
and I have always felt better for it.

Thank you for stopping by......
I always love it when you come!


  1. It would be very hard to have passed that up as you said. I'm glad it's found a wonderful home now. Very pretty I might add.

  2. That is just so very special!! But maybe there was no one left in the family to cherish it. You just never know. A beautiful white Wednesday post. xoxo

  3. Just like Lynn said, you just don't know the reason..... but I'm glad you have it because it is a very lovely lace hanky.

    Enjoy your Day*

  4. Well it may just be in a better place with you loving it:)It is very pretty.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. So gorgeous, and so sweet that you have kept the note together with the hanky. ~ Angela

  6. That is a pretty lace hanky. And it meant a lot to her to place that note on it. You were lucky to find it. And keep it together.

  7. Oh Jana what a treasure..several years ago when going to garage sales my friend and I happened upon a sale given by a elderly lady getting ready to go into a home..all her family were gone..and a friend was helping her get rid fo all her things..I was going thru her embrodered linens she had folded in a box ( not my style or color) and as I was looking at them she told me the story of each one and the memories of her family members who had done these.. she was all misty eyed and sad...I told her I would get them and put them in a very special place in my home to enjoy them.. I will never forget her face..it meant so much to have someone appreciate them and keep them..I never realized until that day , that sometimes people do not have anyone to leave thier things too..which explains all the family photos and personal items found for sale..I have never sold or given those linens away because of that sad lady.

  8. Yeah, you can only hope that it got tossed aside by accident. Such a treasure! It surely found a good home with you. :-)


  9. Oh Jana...how in the world could someone NOT save that beauty?? It's just gorgeous!!! xxoo, Dawn

  10. Jana this makes me want to cry. I'm so glad that you see the value of this gem. Maybe she only had boys and maybe they weren't sentimental enough. I sure hope my son is.

  11. You do have to wonder some times. I come across photographs that I wonder about all the time, especially those of babies. You'd think some family member would want to keep them, even if only in a photo album in a drawer.

    I would have loved to have something like that that had belonged to my mother. What a great find.

  12. I'm a sucker for old vintage stuff with handwritten notes attached. I always wonder WHY someone didn't care enough to keep it, you know? I bought a red and white penny quilt one time. The woman started it in 1899 and wrote about every square she sewed together. And where did I find it? In a dumpy store for sale at a really cheap price. I'm glad there are people like you out there to rescue the sentimental stuff.
    Take care, Sue

  13. what a beautiful hanky and a beautiful post to go along w/it....

    thanks for sharing w/us...

    is this a new background? i love it...goes perfectly with everything else....

    i have a collection of wedding hankies that i got along the way...my dil used one for her wedding and hopefully, someday my daughter will use hers....


  14. Jana, it did make me cry. You have really touched a nerve here.
    I love your attitude about things. I too have SO often wondered about things that family's are willing to part with.

    It seems like with each new generation, they are losing their sentimentality about treasures like these.
    Glad there are still SOME of us left who truly appreciate the "value" of antiques and vintage items.
    Glad you made that lady happy. I feel the same way about my things, neither of my girls are "into" antiques at this point...but I hope that by the time I am gone...they will change their minds and "save" some of my things. ~
    They certainly are a treasure to me I know. I PRAY that none of us who so love... what took us YEARS to collect.... have to endure watching these things being " sold off"...like that dear lady had to do.
    Or worse yet, things that are our family heirlooms that were given to us by our mothers and grandmothers, or grandfathers.

    Jana, I have joined your blog...I would be honored if you would come by and be my 100th follower..if someone has not already taken that spot.



  15. I feel like this when going to estate sales...that is a beautiful treasure...so so sweet!

  16. Jana, what a wonderful find! I don't get it either - old photos, love letters, handwritten notes attached to handerchiefs...sigh, no I don't get it. But it would seem it was meant for you to have, because after all who in their right mind would have passed by this without snatching it up right away?!? Beautiful post!

  17. Jana,
    What a wonderful find.
    It was meant for you to have and value.

    I put up a little project for Thursdays fun.


    barbara jean

    PS Thanks for your visits!

  18. It's sad, isn't it? Especially with the note even attached. You would think someone would love to have this. I hope my kids don't just give away all my hard earned treasures.


  19. Oh my goodness, how sad that no one in the family wanted this! I would have done exactly what you did and rescued this sweet bit of history. I collect many sentimental things (wedding memorabilia, too). So glad it has a wonderful home with you!!

    Angelic Accents

  20. This is why I love you Miss Jana. You have such strong feelings, you are a wonderful friend.

    I have been helping to move our shop, that's why I haven't been around. But Mr. Stitches and I are enjoying a couple days in the Mountains in Utah at a favorite Inn. I brought my computer so I can visit all me blogging friends.

    Be watching, I'm going to have a drawing with the names of my followers after I reach 50.

    Love ya

  21. Jana...WELCOME TO MY BLOG...thank you for joining... I looked forward to seeing you again... and reading on your blog often.



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