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February 2, 2010

White Wednesday......

This week I wanted to share the three lace purses I have finally finished. Although I have another ten underway, they all share the same common denominator, which is the large organza handmade rose and the beautiful vintage and antique laces. The purses vary in shape and size, with the largest being a "bucket" purse, and the smallest a small miser bag......all carry the Heart & Soul label.........

Although I don't sell my organza roses individually, Audrey of Mlle de Sombreuil does. She is located within my shoppe and has a very good eye.....and wonderful items for sale as well, including the lapel rose shown here. Her blog is all new, and she is just now working on it, but you can sneak a quick peek here to see some of her amazing creativity......she's already a favorite within the store, and it is clear to see why!

Thank you for stopping by today to see what I've been up to.....the shoppe is currently having a really big sale, and fortunately, I have been very busy all weekend. Still, I have missed keeping up with all of you and also, keeping you posted on things in general.

If you want to see more soothing whites today....jump over to Faded Charm using the button on my sidebar and you will have a day's worth of visual stimulation....it's always a feast for the eyes what these wonderfully creative women share each and every week.

For any of you that keep up with the monthly giveaway, I am sorry to say that I just can't keep up with it anymore. It doesn't mean I won't still have giveaways along the way, but I no longer have the time to do it justice....goodness, it took me four weeks just to ship poor Rose's winnings to her....and that's just not right. So, rather than do it badly, I think it best to not do it at all.......thanks for understanding. I am still hosting the Quick Project Thursday, so if you would like to join in that, just let me know to include you and grab my button to the right.

Make your day great...

xo, jana


  1. Jana amor, don't trouble yourself or feel bad, you are such a love to worry about all of this...I have been trying for over a week now to start my first giveaway myself, then I came down with a bad cold/flu and I am just now getting back on my feet and trying to finish getting things together for it...it is so hard trying to pick things that I think everyone will like...I don't know how you did it every month. I love your new purses, they are gorgeous as are those organza roses! Besos, Rose

  2. Jana,
    I sooo understand about not keeping up with things.
    It is wise of you to make changes when that happens, and we all understand. =))

    Blessings sweet girl

    barbara jean

    PS Love your treasures!!!


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