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June 14, 2010

All Because Two People Fell in Love.....

It's hard to imagine 42 years have passed since we married.
We were both definitely children, but it's not to say children don't know love, because we did.
He is not my dream man, but has always made my dreams come true.
I'm pretty sure I've never had a dream man anyway, because I've always had him....
Since I was just 14 when we met for the very first time and he offered me his Senior ring. There has been good, there has been bad......but the relationship has always "been".
I cannot imagine life without this man, and don't want to.
He is the better half of me.

I asked him once why he loved me so much.
He said because I was such a hard worker...
Because I loved animals so much....
And because I have big boobs...
He is, after all, a man:)

Here's wishing you lasting love.


  1. I am cracking up. He is such a man! I complain that mine are too big and my husband always says :Honey - some women pay big bucks for those." My response? "They are out of their mind!"
    We will celebrate 30 this year Kind of exciting - but yet . . . where on earth did all those years go?
    Loved seeing your photos, is that your bouquet? I have mine too - it's in my hope chest.
    Have a wonderful week! See you on Saturday at Karen's WBC2 party. VERY FUN!
    :) Karen

  2. Hi Jana,
    Congratulations on so many years together. We just celebrated our 36th in May. Like you, I agree it's had it's ups and downs but has endured.

    I couldn't imagine life without him even though he drives me crazy at least 65% of the time. LOL!

    You are such a cute couple and looked like babies.


  3. Another anniversary in blogland. Congrats my friend. Loved hearing your love story - I was 12 when I told my Mum I was going to marry my DH.


  4. Oh, Happy Happy Anniversary! Today is our 36th anniversary! This would be so great for you to post for my WEDDING BLOG PARTY on the 25th! Please join us! BTW, I'm still giggling about the last statement! Sheesh, Men!!! :0)

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  5. Ha! it always comes down to the boobs. Congratulations on so many wonderful years.

  6. =====skidding to a stop=======

    Present and accounted for!! *giggle*

    That is so funny you emailed me right in the middle of this comment! My pneumonia has kept me from socializing so I am back in business and making the rounds.

    Happy Anniversary Sweet Jana! Mine is the 25th and I can't figure out what to get my sweetheart.

    LOL @ the big boobs!


  7. Sounds so like my husband. Congratulations and many many more.

  8. Happy Anniversary, Jana! Forty-Two Years....wonderful! One more thing in common....I married my high school sweetheart too!


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