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June 24, 2010

The Bloggerette Sorority "RUSH"

I do have to confess that the only rushing I have ever done has been from one place to another, so this is all very new to me.

I also have to confess that I don't really read things, rather skim the contents.

I tell you this because that is exactly what I did when reading Karen's instructions for our post. All I saw was "take this image, frame it, then put yourself in the picture and show it on the day of the event". Well, that's exactly what I did and I have to admit that I really thought Karen was pushing us out on the ledge because, after all, not everyone has hi tech computer skills....

and I'm talking about ME.

Not to be deterred, I checked out several free photo shop type sites and found lunapic.com and lost myself for hours. If you haven't been there, it is very user friendly, providing you have the time to actually "read" what they are wanting you to do :)

So, on with the RUSH.

I'm a native Texas girl and love everything in a big way.....
except my hair....at least not all the time :)
But with everything else, the bigger the better, and more is not enough in my book.

I look forward to meeting everyone through this new group and can't wait to see where it all goes. A special thank you to Karen at Some Days are Diamonds for putting all of this together. Everyone is welcome, so if you haven't checked it out.....you just might want to.

So from someone who just doesn't follow instructions, but is really fun to know
........nice to meet'cha!
(I'm the one in the cowboy hat on the far right :)
and I've just got to say... am I the only one that thinks that chick is "checkin' me out" ?



    I am laughing so hard I can't stand it! YES! That girly is Checking you out! What a babe you are!

    Glad to know you Sista!

    Love to you! I tip my hat to your GREAT MUSE!


  2. Hi Jana,
    You are so funny! Love your photo in there, you look like you are ready to party.


  3. Me Too!!

    I missed some much of the instructions - I was running around like a chicken up until an hour after our deadline. I missed the "picture of yourself" part and I also missed the instructions on how to post our projects. I almost missed the whole party waiting for a linky!! We should get along wonderfully!!

    Oh....I'm from Texas Too!!

  4. LOL as my kids would say. you look very at home in that time period.hugs Wendy @ blissangels

  5. I read it and interpreted the same way you did - lol The one girl is checking you out probably wondering where she can get a hat like yours Hope you had as much fun as I did doing this

  6. From one Texas gal to another..hello!! I read things like that also..then I go back and re-read it..and then I am known to ask questions..lol

    Looking forward to visiting with all the Texas Sorority Sisters.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. Oh, that's funny! Maybe that gal is just wondering what year you came from. Nice to meet you SISTAH.

  8. You're so funny! Hello there Sista. So glad to meet you! You did a fabulous job on your R*U*S*H project!! You look fabulous in the photo!! I am so excited about our sorority and all the F*U*N we will have!

    Blessings from your Back Porch Sista,
    {Our Back Porch in Tennessee}

  9. HA! You are sooooooooo not alone my friend! Several people read it that way . . . . they must've all been skimming! :)
    But I love the way it turned out! How fun is that!
    I am cracking up just at the comments you've received! Priceless!
    Have fun at the party!

  10. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who is "challenged" when it comes to reading instructions! Guess it must be contagious because a lot of the blogs I'm reading tonight did the same thing. Good job on editing your pic, and when you pointed it out, I'm with you, that girl is definitly checking you out!
    Glad to meet you sister! Margaret from Savannha, MO

  11. Oh, this is cute! I think you did a great job being all techie and stuff! You look as cute as a bug being the first in line! :) You had better watch that gal, she wants something! :)
    It's so good to meet you and we're sistahs now!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Hi Jana, Nice to meet you too! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment! I love your cute picture with you in it:) I think it is just precious! Have a fun evening, HUGS to my new Sista!

  13. I like it!

    Very sleek.

    Very stylish.

    Not at all silly, like mine!

    Keetha from The Eclectic Company

  14. OH Jana, you crack me up! What a great and adorable photograph! Nice meeting a new sista!

    Have a great and happy day!

    A Texas gal too!

  15. HaHaHa! I like your honesty in admitting that you're a skimmer. I have a habit of writing a lot on my blog...so I won't be offended if you just skim it! Love the photo!

  16. Hello Sorority Sister! I love what you did with the picture and your blog is beautiful. Hugs!

  17. Oh girl, you had me laughing so hard. You did a good job putting yourself in the photo and I love the cowboy hat!

    Rhonda from Georgia

  18. Nice to meet you cowgirl..er... sister!

  19. Lol, I had to giggle when I read your post, sounds just like me. I had to go back three times to remind myself of the instructions, lol.
    Your sorority pic turned out great though in the end!

  20. Love your photograph! It is always so nice to meet a new sister!

    In the sisterhood,

  21. Hahahhhaa...this is so adorable..and so are you..(I just might be that gal lookin' you over!! )

    You did a great job...several ladies must have read the instructions like you because several put THEIR photos in, too. I love it!!

    I, too, am a Texas girl....big hair and all...
    I am your newest follower...I intend to follow every single SISTA...
    xo bj

  22. Love it, but then there is just something about Texas gals...big hearted, great humor and some of the sweetest women on earth.
    I am still laughing....
    Great to meet you and have you for a new Sist-a!

  23. Hey Jana, you did what a bunch of other gals did and I think it's really great! I almost didn't get mine done because my computer was screwy and I had to have my husband print it at his office. Glad to call you sista!

  24. You did a great job glad to meet another sister. Hope you can come by and visit. Debbie

  25. Love it and you're not the only one who did that. Someone else I saw did it today too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Hi Sister I had to laugh at your post because I am constantly trying out new ways to post and I would love to try your suggestion. Your picture is very cute with you in it. I also enjoyed watching you on TV. Glad to meet you.

  27. Way too cute. I giggling! :)

    Good Job Sister!


  28. this is my last visit for the evening and I am happy to be here, you made me laugh. It is great to meet you and great job with the picture.

  29. Hilarious, Jana! Love your humor...I'm an instruction "scanner", too--gets me into trouble sometimes! So nice to meet you and join you in this wonderful new sorority!

    Julie from California

  30. Your picture looks great. Love the post. Great to meet another Sorority Sister. Hugs, Marty

  31. Hi sister, It is so nice to meet more gals.I have to read things more the one time My new thing is to watch for detail. Come visit Laura Q

  32. Nice to meet you sister!!! Glad you are part of the group! :)

  33. Oh my bad, unfortunately I was taught to speed read in junior high! hehe Love the pic and yes that dudette is definitely checking you out. LOL Great to meet you Sista!

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  34. You did a great job, nice to meet you.

  35. Hi Jana, too funny, wonderful to meet you!

  36. Hi, from New Jersey! Great take on the photo. How clever you sisters are to crop yourselves in the photo. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  37. Hi new sister! I am so happy to meet you and hope we become true sister friends in our sorority journey. I apologize up front that this message is a "cut and paste" message to all the sorority sisters because I wanted at least to become a follower of all of you and take a moment to say hello. For those who may not know my youngest son was killed last week and we buried him on Tuesday. I had started my project before that tragic event and am not finished but I did post what I've done on it so far. If you have visited me already I thank you and if not I invite you. I am just not quite at the point of being able to think of something to say individually at this time. I will soon hopefully be able to be active and visiting everyone. Love you already, Mollye

  38. Hey at least you got yours posted in time. I'm late! oh well. Nice to meet ya too! cute photo, Love the hat! Yeehaw!

  39. Too funny! Love the photo! Nice to meet another sista!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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