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June 4, 2010

I've Always Wanted to Learn to "Felt"

But I never thought it would just "happen", especially the way it did.
You may or may not remember our rescue of the "White Family"
They have remained with us along with our other babies and everyone has adjusted quite nicely. In fact, Mama Bonnie was spayed this week....
based on weight and the fact she was a "bleeder" that only cost us $476.....but I digress.

The family sleeps in the garage during the day, and of course, they have toys, beds and lots and lots of room.
Without me knowing, they somehow pulled down an old wool blanket I had on top of a shelf.......and it was totally ruined before I knew they had it over in the corner.
So, they got to keep it for their own, but I wash all their bedding regularly...and this blanket was no exception.
I decided to go ahead and try and "felt" it with hot water and a hot dryer, thinking I could somehow salvage pieces of it for something "crafty".
You can imagine my surprise when I found these two wonderful, thick felted rounds in with the dried blanket.
They are better than boiled wool and are......of all things......white dog hair.
No, they don't smell, as a dog's hair isn't what smells, it is their skin.
So when the hair is washed it has absolutely no smell at all.
These rounds are beautiful.....I just don't know how it happened, if it would ever happen again, or even how to make it happen.
But you can bet, I'm going to keep checking that dryer to see if any more form as I wash their bedding.

My week just gets crazier and crazier :)


  1. That is a new one on me?! I have a friend who makes the most beautiful felted hats and adds jewelry embellishments to them. Perhaps the White Family is providing you yet another type of art to enjoy!

  2. I wish my dog's hair would do something fab like that!


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