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September 26, 2018

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Summer winds down quickly here in Texas.  

We seemingly go from 98 degrees down to 50 degrees overnight, but that is just Texas.  

I have to admit I am ready for fall...for  pumpkins, cool weather, and the upcoming holiday season. 

 But I also hate to see my colorful yard become brown and dry. 

 Oh, well.  you can't have it all.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

May 4, 2016

There is Just Something About Vintage Lace......Nettie Jane Designs

There is just something about the hum of my sewing machine that closes out the rest of the world and takes me to a more peaceful place........and in this world can't we all use such a distraction!

For me it's not only the escape, but the creative process that goes into each garment I make.  Even I don't always know what the end result will be as I combine fabrics, garments, and laces for my crochet tops and altered couture pieces, I know it will be something girlie for sure.

Each item is one of a kind, and I doubt I could duplicate something if I tried as the same materials are just not available.  Everything has a Nettie Jane label sewn on the outer back.

You can find many more of my creations on my website where there is not only clothing, but also accessories, home decor, handbags, and jewelry.  I just never know where the creative process will take me, but I do know how fortunate I am that it does .

Stop by for a visit when you can.....I'd love to show you around.

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