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June 30, 2009

It's Back to Business & It's a Twofer......

I have been cleaning...and cleaning some more, getting ready for the open house on July 18th and just trying to get more organized in general. I have a habit...good or bad.....of tearing all the wonderful ideas I come across out of the magazines I choose not to keep. I tuck them safely in a folder and keep it in my art area. Well, needless to say....that is where it generally stays, never to been looked at again. I mean, who really has the time to go BACK to a project when there are so very many right here in my "face". When I was filing and cleaning, I came across this project that was so incredibly easy and wonderful that I wondered why I had not completed it before. I had all the elements in various areas and simply needed to combine them for these beautiful table mirrors. Simply said, you combine a vanity mirror (I like the flat framed ones best but the others work too) with an ornate vintage or antique lamp base and it's DONE. A little height makes such a huge difference and gives these mirrors such importance. They are now perfect for special desserts at any event or look gorgeous with perfume bottles or anything you want to elevate. Look for those ugly lamps with the beautiful gold bases that you come across for $2.....combine with a $10 frame and you have an accent piece that looks like $50......have fun!
NOW, for the twofer.......I am closed on Mondays and finally took the time to visit Maureen at Cottage Panache in North Richland Hills, Texas for the very first time. We have blogged each other and I continued to hear such wonderful things about her and her shop, that I just had to make the trip over there. If you have not visited her store due to location, you can always check her blog at http://www.cottagepanacheantiques.blogspot.com/ or her website at http://www.cottagepanacheantiques.com/ for a quick fix.....and some wonderful ideas. I know I made note of a few and are putting them together this very afternoon (thanks, Maureen). Her store is stuffed full of wonderful treasures that were so very hard to resist. I did pick up one of my little mirrors for the project above when I was there! Do yourself a favor and check her out!

June 29, 2009

Oh, Baby, Baby, Baby..Oh, Baby, Baby

It is so strange to realize this time last year she was on her honeymoon having married on June 23, 2008. Now we are planning for the birth of the first grandchild from our only child, Kristi. It goes without saying that this beautiful young woman is my heartbeat and has been since I first held her when she was just 10 days old. I tell everyone that I carried Kristi in my heart for four years as opposed to my tummy. I believe that is why this precious newcoming life is ever so special to all of us, but especially me. Because I was disappointed so many, many times so many years ago, I have not allowed myself to think this is really going to happen. I just couldn't allow myself the excitement when I knew it could also bring hurt. But it hasn't, and I now know everything will be fine.....the doctors have said so and I have asked God and I have faith....I am watching my baby do something I could not do...and it is as though it is happening to me because I already love this little person with all my heart. I can hardly wait to hold this sweet little girl, but I am more excited to see my sweet little girl hold her sweet baby girl. I hope then she can realize what it is like to truly love unconditionally and with all your heart.

The day was full of delicious food, adorable thoughtful baby gifts, good friends, and most importantly...FAMILY. I have always been very fortunate to have the majority of my family....or the ones that really matter...very close at heart....it was a beautiful, beautiful day!

all for Miss Sterling.......
and, of course, the safety pin stork cupcakes :)

Chocolate cups fill of English Custard and raspberries...and my favorite SCONES.

and, of course, gift bags for the guests.

June 27, 2009

Zucchini as a Lethal Weapon......OMG!

You ask how my garden is growing, do you? Well, I keep it weeded, I keep it watered, and the sunshine is plentiful in our 100 degree weather here in Texas. I suppose I should be more attentive to the produce itself though. I promise I do check it daily and try to wait until it is more than just a baby to pick....however, this one absolutely got away from me....and in a BIG way. This zucchini measures a full 16" long and is 11" around. Now, this could either feed a family of 8 or hurt someone bad.......I figure at this rate I can grow a tomato the size of a pumpkin.......we'll see......lol

June 26, 2009

The Passing of the Crown......

I really don't think I have allowed myself to get really, REALLY excited about our first grandbaby from our only child....until now. Somehow, being only eight weeks from delivery makes it all very real. Kristi is a tall girl so she hasn't started to show until the last couple of weeks...and now it is all becoming very real, very quickly. I feel certain it has been very real to her for sometime with the aches and pains associated with being pregnant.....but that is one of the benefits of being the Gammy.....it is pain free! We have prepared the big safety pin storks for the pink rose cupcakes and all the rose bags are stuffed with goodies for the guests to take home with them. Of course, it HAD to be pink baby scented candles and soap......handmade by me, of course. I mean, where else could you find something so extreme. I wanted Lisa of Tattered & Tarnished (a dealer here in my mall/store) to make a sign with Sterling's name, but I didn't think of it until after she had left for her four week vacation to the West Coast. I tore apart several old photograph albums I had and made my very first attempt at one of the beautiful signs she designs and makes. I had to wonder why Kristi couldn't have named Sterling "Pat" or "Sue" or something short, as I was preparing eight different pages and stringing them together for hanging. I'm quite proud of my effort and think it turned out just precious.....and will look beautiful hanging across one of the walls in her beautiful pink and cream bedroom. BUT, the very most important gift I give to Sterling this Sunday at the baby shower is her very first tiara......the humor in that being that I don't think my daughter, Kristi, is ready to give hers up yet (lol). I have tried to convince her that once Sterling is here she is the new "princess", and since I am still the Queen, there is just no crown for her. I'm not sure if she will buy into that theory or not....we will probably have to crown her "Queenlet". Crown or no crown...tiara or no tiara.....she is going to be one wonderful Mommy, this baby girl of mine!

June 25, 2009

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful.....

Both my "shop girls" in all their beautiful glory........resting peacefully on an antique English parlour chair and mink throw.....they've got a rough life :)

June 24, 2009

Let's Talk About STORKS....

It is only fitting that my 100th post is about my beautiful daughter and my soon to be born beautiful grandbaby.....Miss Sterling Haleigh Johnston. I am hosting a baby shower for her this Sunday in my home for family members and close family friends. When I came across these precious safety pin storks, I just knew they had to be part of the day. These particular ones I saved from my childhood when I attended one of my Aunt's baby showers. I could have been no more than six, but I knew enough about creativity to know these belonged in my scrapbook. Who ever knew I would be duplicating them for the tops of rose decorated pink cupcakes over 50 years later. Simply made from large oversized safety pins, an orange end of a toothpick, and pink ribbon in our case, to create a magical stork........with a perfect bend and a slight twist, the bird comes alive. This goes to further reinforce my belief that there are very few, if any, new ideas out there......just our individual intrepretation of what we see and the materials we choose to use.....but that is a different subject for a different day. For today, we celebrate with joy and happiness the coming of a precious new little life, who will forever change ours.

June 19, 2009

What's a Girl to Do?

I've thought about blogging all week, however, I just couldn't muster up anything I wanted to talk about or I thought anyone would want to read. I'm not in a bad mood, just a busy, introspective one. I know I sometimes "go inside" to sort through my thoughts and figure things out.....and this was one of those weeks. The store has been very busy, as has Ebay and I thank the universe for that. It is, however, during those times I find myself with no downtime to be with "just me". I am one of those people that plays very well by myself and have to have that time to re-energize myself and my soul. That's when I sew....it somehow seems the humming of the sewing machine motor is a signal to those around me that I AM indeed busy and should not be disturbed. I suppose I could vacuum and get the same results, but I mean.....who wants to vacuum? So, during my "reflective" week I made some of the sweet bags I like to keep in the store. They are great for taking to the beach, the grocery store, the flea market, or anywhere else you want to "stuff alot of stuff"......and they look a whole lot better than those things you buy at Walmart or the grocery store. Simply made from left over upholstery fabric with reinforced handles, they can carry just about everything. When I first started making these I laughingly labeled them "Big Ass Bags".....or "BABS"....and for the half sized ones, "Half Ass Bags" or "HABS". Of course, that being an absolute favorite expression of alot of the true Texans I know. Realizing I was running a business and catering to "ladies", I simply labeled them with my "Heart & Soul" tag.......not as much fun, but I know really what they are and it makes me smile :)

June 12, 2009

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Sunday, June 14th, not only marks Flag Day, but my wedding anniversary as well. I have been married to this man for 41 years and have known him for 45.....goodness, that is a long, long time and I have to wonder where the time went.

I met Richard when I was 14 years old on a double date.....I was with one of his best friends and he with someone else as well. We immediately hit it off, much to our date's dismay, and had our first date the following weekend. Needless to say, he asked me to go "steady" on our first date one the front porch of the house we live in now. We bought my childhood home from my Mother 25 years ago because it had such sentimental value......to HIM more so than me, but I'm so glad we did. Two weeks out of high school, we were married.....it was a big wedding that I vaguely remember....I was so in love. I often remember thinking he was just as much in love with my family....especially my Daddy....as he was me. We were all devastated when less than a year later my Daddy and my sister's husband were tragically killed in a car wreck. I always told people that Richard married me for my Daddy and my car, and we didn't get to keep either one. Two years into our marriage his Mother died of sudden heart failure on Thanksgiving. The same year we discovered I could not have children.....and we bought our first house with me being just 19 years of age........I was very old at a very young age. Four years into our marriage we adopted a beautiful baby girl who remains our sunshine.......she is expecting our first grandbaby on September 1.......life is good. Richard had his first heart attack at the age of 32.....I had breast cancer 7 years ago.......we got each other through it. People ask me what the secret of a long, happy marriage is and how we have made it through all of the years.......I tell people we literally grew up together. We were so very young that we experienced life together which bonded us for life. I know him like the back of my hand and don't try to take advantage of that. We talk, we disagree, and we love. I honestly believe there is nothing he will not do, or try to do, to make me happy. He has always been a wonderful Daddy, a good provider, a hard worker, my biggest fan, and my absolute hero.........I do love this man of mine.

June 5, 2009

.....and the there's MORE.....

The "newest" kid on the block is Pat Hutchinson of "Heart's Desire". If you can't tell from the photos, Pat's talent lies in creating the most delicious heirloom and monogrammed night clothes, pillows, laundry bags, and all other "girlie & romantic" things. Just a sneak peek of the wonderful things to come.......all Martha Pullen style and beautiful enough to be on the pages of "Victoria". Expect her to be up and running June 15th.....Welcome, Pat!

June 3, 2009

Bless My Heart........

I often wonder what it is about these things that we love that makes us love them so much.....is it the roses, is it the texture, or is it the fact that the familiarity of each of these items comforts us. Does it speak to us of our childhood at our Grandmother's house, about the wonderful dime stores we all loved to visit when we were young children, about family, and how we grew up? We were surrounded with these things and I believe because they are "familiar", we find comfort in having them around......I know I do. It is such a crazy time in our world, and I for one, remember when it was not so much so. My daughter often tells me I don't live in the real world because I am surrounded by all of these things each and everyday in my shop. I love the world I live in, even if I had to create it with all things old and familiar. I am often saddened as older customers come into the store and look longingly at all of the wonderful things for sale stating they "had to downsize" and give up their treasures.....because someone told them they "needed" to. I tell my daughter on a regular basis that she cannot look forward to my "downsizing"....ever. I'm going down with it ALL.....bless my heart. xo jana

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