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May 25, 2011

Hey, Where 'ya Been?

It's been almost ten days since I last posted.....
Just how did that happen?
I haven't been anywhere....just at the Shoppe.
I've been no busier than normal since the Trade Days Antique Flea Market
........Just preoccupied I guess.

But here I am.....
I have been working on some of my jewelry designs where
I use old watch parts, jewelry findings, and polymer resin
to create these "fobs".
 I use a two and three step process in creating the depth of the pieces giving them
Dimension and interest

Then are cleaned up and wrapped with wire and beads
They look good hung on a long chain for a piece of steampunk jewelry.

 And as a added visual.....
This antique silk velvet ruched rose headband.....
Really cool and great for a bad hair day :)

I'm adding these to my latest blog at
where more of my things are shown.
 See, I have been busy....
Just not talkin' about it so much :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me,
You know I love it when you come.

May 15, 2011

Main Street Antique Trade Days Flea Market Review

Twice a year Collected Treasures hosts the
Main Street Antique Trade Days Flea Market on the property
I own behind my building.
This past Saturday was the eleventh sale I've organized and
What a day it was.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous,
The dealers brought their "A" game,
and it was a beautiful day. 
 The patio houses my things that I offer for sale during the Flea Market.
It's a good time to sell the things that come my way during the previous six months that
Don't fit into the Shoppe for whatever reason.

 And I love the beginnings of my copper utensil wind chime gate....
I will promise you, when the wind blows........this thing rocks.
 And some of the beginnings of the hard work that has gone into digging out and
Landscaping a space that was once an asphalt parking lot.
The herb garden is one of my favorite spaces,
While the gazebo in the center is covered with beautiful wisteria...
A beautiful vision in the early spring.
 I accept items that are antique, collectible, handmade or remade......
This jewelry made by sweet Grace is just divine.
 Then of course, I would fall in love the old baby shoes....such preciousness.

 There was lots of stuff and lots of shoppers......

 I wanted this piece, but when I went back it was not only sold....
But already loaded up and GONE...

 Can you tell this is a fabulous scale made into a wind chime?
Wonderful presentation.
 And another one of my favorites.....
Antique crochet heart pincushions.....
Yep, I bought them all.
We won't talk about how many I have or why...
Sometimes you just can't explain love.
I can't thank my dealers enough for supporting this event,
Nor can I thank the loyal customers who come sale after sale.

Now, off to plan the second Le'Pre'miere Quarterly event scheduled for
June 25th.......let's hope it is as easy as the Trade Days was and as successful
As the first LP event in March......

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

May 10, 2011

I've Never Been a Craigslist Fan

My experience with Craigslist has been individuals who never show up,
Who try to run SCAMs on me wanting money back from an accidental overpayment...
And just generally bad.
I have often thought it a waste of  my time.
I know others have had success, find wonderful things, and swear by it.....
That would not be me.

But, I do have to say they have earned a few points with me lately.
Don't know why I was perusing antique furniture one Saturday,
But I was.
I came across these two wonderful cabinets that had only been listed for two minutes.
AND they were $25.00 each........

I called and surprisingly reached the person...
Made arrangements to pick them up the next day
And it was done.
Just goes to show that you have to keep trying if you are going to be happy with things.

I'm not certain what their original purpose was, however,
My handbags and jewelry look wonderful inside.
But each time I look at them I keep thinking they either need a gypsy fortune teller bust where you
Put money inside and receive your fortune or a big claw mechanism that picks up stuffed animals and drops them down the chute for the lucky winner.

Still, I love them and I won't talk so badly about Craigslist....
For a while anyway.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.
If this is your first time here and you choose to follow,
Please know I always follow back.

Hop on over and check out the beauty of the color white.

oh my

Oh my......Thank goodness my heart is in it.....

That's about all I can say this morning, because it hasn't been an easy one.
It started off decent except I awoke with my chest hurting....must have been the 23 pound cat sitting there.  Then  my sweet man told me the alarm was about to go off,
And there was a turtle in the kitchen sink......oh my.
Yep, there he was having been saved from the swimming pool skimmer.
It was then a normal thing with all the mammals.....more food, clean water, meds, and treats.
A couple of loads of laundry, load the dishwasher, make the bed....clean the litter boxes.......
A quick vacuum, water the outside flowers.....and decide what to do with Mr. Turtle.
My man thought I should bring him to the Shoppe to live in the little pond out back......
With all the ferrel cats I feed? oh my.  Not such a good idea so he was released back into the backyard to
Find his siblings.....he was just a tiny thing probably looking for his mama when he toppled into the pool.
Back inside to get myself ready, but not before I start the dishwasher......only to see it start spewing and blowing smoke out the sides......take into consideration this is an 8 year old Kitchen Aid that cost $1,000....
Now toast....what happened to longevity and quality?  We sacrificed it for cheap labor overseas...but don't Get me started on that one.
So now I'm at the Shoppe and it's 9:30. 
 Ebay packages sent are returned for not enough postage....
.my scale is broken as well.....oh my.
I'm afraid to start on any new projects.....doesn't seem like a good day for using a sewing machine or glue gun, much less drills and saws.

The Trade Days Flea Market is this Saturday behind my Shoppe......
Come see if I make it until then :)

May 5, 2011

When Mistakes Turn Out Beautiful :)

I've always been what some think a "little on the edge"
When it comes to my ideas in design and what I like.
I just don't like to follow the pack and I
Enjoy elements of surprise in my home and Shoppe.

These chairs came to me,once again, free.
And by now you know me well enough to know I don't turn down free.
I've always enjoyed taking something that someone else has cast aside and making them want it again.
The chairs were U*G*L*Y.
They were a really yucky brownish yellow vinyl color with years of dirt on them
I felt I would probably just paint the wood and reupholster the chairs....
Pretty boring.
I often say that many of my best ideas have come from my worst mistakes....
And these are no exception.
Being lazy, I simply used spray Kiltz for the arms and legs,
Not worrying about the vinyl upholstery because it was going to be removed anyway.
But because spray Kiltz covers so incredibly well......
I had a vision.
It didn't take me long to gesso all the vinyl and paint them out in
oil based paint using roses, of course.
The paint lasts forever and looks better the more the chairs are used.
They sold to a wedding boutique design room.....
Very romantic!!  

And I have shared this project before, I think......
But that was a long time ago when I had one follower :)
So I wanted to  mention it again because I get so many comments about it in Shoppe.
The fireplace started out as a chest of drawers....and it was a mistake as well.
I was on my way out of a flea market after loading my van and saw this piece at a distance.
It was taller than most chests, had a bookcase above it and was decidedly French.
Without even inspecting it, I called to the dealer "how much is that?"
The price was right....I quickly paid and loaded it up.
Not until I got home did I realize that although the frame work was solid wood,
The drawers were that flimsy fiber board, and I don't sell that kind of furniture.
Thinking I was simply out the money, I removed all the drawers and hardware,
Leaving just the shell.
Walking by it for about a week, I had a vision.
And this is what it became.
A front was created out of solid wood and a "firebox" was included.
It just had to be painted out as well to add drama and an element of surprise


The wonderful lines I saw were detailed in gold leafing.


By adding my touch to the things I have in the Shoppe,
I am guaranteed not to be like anywhere else,
Which makes it fun to come in just to see what I'm up to.
Old, beautiful, fun and funky.....it's all good:)

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.
If this is your first time here and you choose to follow,
Please know I always follow back :)

Today I am linking to French Country Cottage
And of course,
Pink Saturday

Happy Mother's Day! 

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