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January 28, 2011

Now, That's A Lotta Pink!

I love to redo my windows on a regular basis,
As they are sometimes what pulls new customers into the Shoppe.
This is the view you see to your left as you enter.....
And it looks like a pink explosion.

Wonder why not many men come inside????? And I fell in love with this pink suitcase.
I saw a commercial on TV where a little girl is dancing around
Trying on leggings and she dances on top of a sweet pink trunk covered
In travel labels.

Well, you know I had to do it.

My version of what I saw.....and sweet it is!
A girl's gotta love her pink.....I think it's the law..hmmm, well, my law anyway.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

January 27, 2011

A Marriage of Beauty

Years ago I purchased this long antique hall table.
It stayed in my garage for months, until my daughter moved into her new home.
Quick to fill the vast spaces, we started shopping my storage area for pieces
And that's when I "married" the antique hall table to the vintage 70's cast off mirror "thing".
It probably belonged with a water bed set, but the back of the little cubbies are bead board,
So I loved it.
Well, she used it for years painted a yummy butterscotch color, but then the baby came.
It was sent packing back to me where I kept it in it's painted state.....
Until this week, that is.

I always knew it had possibilities and saw it as a vanity dressing table.
I painted it out in white then did some distressing to give it back some age.

Cut to size some of my stashed lace curtain panels and attached a skirt to
The open table underneath. The chair will push up under the vanity, so
This piece is definitely a space saver being only 18" deep.

Who would
have thought that anything that ever had anything to do with a
1970's water bed would be glamorous?
I did, however, place a smaller mirror in front of the expansive mirror to give
More detail and break it up somewhat.

And forgive me
, but I'm still so in love with my White Wednesday crochet coverlet,
I just had to show it again.......
All created from individual crochet doilies and scarves....

Thank you for stopping by today....
I love it when you come.

January 25, 2011

A White Wednesday Vision..

Have you ever had a vision so strong
You had to act on it immediately to see if it was going to be as good as you thought?
Sometimes they are epiphanies of sorts,
And you wonder why you never thought of it before.
This is one such idea....or vision, if you will.
I have used antique and vintage linens in my altered couture for years,
And still have boxes and boxes, as linens and laces are my addiction.
The idea came to me to create a bed covering by combining various crochet pieces
Along with old laces for a one of a kind coverlet. They go together in a patchwork pattern with the seams on top
For extra dimension and design.
Tea stain the entire piece once completed for an overall tone.

I love this one so much, I've already started my second one.
It's a wonderful way to dress a bed.

Thank you for stopping by today,
I always love it when you come.

I'm also linking to Faded Charm's White Wednesday today....
And appreciate the opportunity to share my vision.

January 21, 2011

"Pink Enough" Steampunk Doll Saturday

I have fallen in love with Steampunk Art.
It allows me to design outside the box, which I always do anyway,

But now with permission.

The Arlington Art Museum came to me at the beginning of the year
Wanting me to create specifically a Steampunk Doll for the silent auction
To help the museum raise money.

She is named "Tea Time" for obvious reasons.

Since her body is a vintage wire teapot.

I don't know how much money she will contribute, but she is
All so much fun.....

And just makes me smile.

Thank you for stopping by today....

I love it when you come.

January 18, 2011

Remake, Redo, Reborn.......

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across a side table redo.
Sissy of Sissies Shabby Cottage had purchased a nightstand from the 70's
And repainted it to give it wonderful new life....she even added a sweet little basket
For wonderful charm.
Although the project I completed several months ago has a completely
Different look and use than Sissies, it is still the same old 1970's dark wood
Solid wood, heavy, clunky nightstands.
These two were actually mine and were purchased in 1969 to be exact. I took a little different approach to the final project since mine had doors
And no opening at the bottom.
By removing the bunn feet on one of the pieces,
It could easily be permanently attached to the top
Of the second table making a chest .
There are actually drawers inside for storage.

It was given a rubbed French finish of sorts so it didn't look like what it actually is.
And that is two side tables on top of each other :)

These are also
fun to make when you remove the wooden panels inside the doors
And use chicken wire in their place......

Just another version of what to do with these cast off pieces....
And with a minimal amount of work....I like that.
I am linking to the following blogs this week
Thank you for stopping by today,
I love it when you come.

January 12, 2011

It's Good to Go..........

With the holidays over, the cleaning has begun.
I won't bring in any new merchandise until after the 50% off sale this Saturday,
But I still believe in "shakin' it up", moving it around, and making it look it's very best.
I realized I had slacked off a little after the holidays when one of my very good customers
Ask me if she could do some "tablescapes" around the Shoppe.
I wasn't sure whether to be offended, or appreciate the help,
I told her in my defense it had been a really busy, very good December and
I was getting ready to fluff that very week.
She persisted and told me she would be honored to help me.....
However, as she was leaving she also said "maybe we could do a trade"......
I took it upon myself this week to start the process myself.
Even though the sale is this weekend and it will be totally destroyed.......
I did it.
This is just one corner of the Shoppe......
Probably accounts for less than one sixth of the total footage.
Can you see my dilemma now.
This is no easy task and not just a day's project. I threw in a couple of new "tablescapes" just for her.

And didn't leave out the pink either.....

There was also time for just a little Valentines........

If you
are local, I hope you will stop by Saturday.
We are extending our hours, opening at 9am until 5pm.
Only Heart & Soul merchandise and consignments
Are Excluded........
There's also hot Godiva coffee and homemade cookies.
Come on over.......I'd love to have you!

January 8, 2011

Quick Lamp Shade Redo in a Shabby Way

I frequent thrift stores on a regular basis
Looking through their clothing for wonderful fabrics
And garments that can be altered into something romantic and beautiful.
I came across this little ruffled cotton skirt......only 12" long and wondered
What sassy little behind wore this piece,
As it doesn't appear it would cover anything.
But it was so cute I bought it anyway.
Finally found the perfect size lamp shade to cover,
But not before I tea stained it.
I left the underlining in place so as to mute the light even more when the lamp
Is turned on.
Tied a piece of ripped muslin around the top with a big bow
And called it a day.

Very little work, just finding all the right size elements for the project.
Now I just need the perfect lamp.

It's getting really cold here in Texas as I know it is about everywhere....
Bundle up and stay warm!
Thanks for stopping by today...
I love it when you come.

January 5, 2011

My Love Affair with Silk Velvet

Don't get me wrong.....
I love linen, I adore flax, and cotton is wonderful.
But when it comes to my fabric "of choice"......
Well, it's just got to be silk velvet...and the old stuff....the older the better.
I was fortunate to be the recipient of an entire suitcase full of antique silk velvet
About three years ago, and I'm still working with my stash.
I'm presently creating velvet rose pieces for hats, purses, or anywhere you want.
A customer of mine bought the first one shown and attached it to her
Felted sweater handbag.....the combination was beautiful. The stamens inside the roses give them additional texture and depth.
And some have antique lace shards added to the backs.

My hands work quickly on these now that I have made so many.
It is good busy work during the cold evenings when the TV is blaring and
The day is winding down.
Don't know about you, but I'm already looking forward to Spring!
Thanks for stopping by today,
I love it when you come.

January 4, 2011

Can You See What I See?

My building was built in 1952 and is what I call a box.
Some of the detailing is good, but the architecture is seemingly very plain......
I've done alot with it over the last five years, adding wrought iron railing,
Painting the bull nose brick and wonderful drains on the front.
I've added large planters and light posts.
There is wisteria growing up the trellis at each end in the hopes it will
Soon cover the awning skeleton framework for a more European feel.
I have worked on the back half acre as well, but that has been difficult.
And a very slow process to say the least.
I have known I wanted a pergola since the word go, but didn't know
Quite what style and felt like it was just going to be a wood column structure.
I couldn't quite wrap my head around the wood while I had all the wrought iron
In front.
Can you imagine my delight when I was driving down a street near my Shoppe
And saw that an old, old Motel had redone their motor court and
removed all their matching iron.
I called my sweet man immediately and he said he didn't know if they would work.
I was disappointed and mad at the same time as he wouldn't even listen to my idea.
The very next day I came to work and there they were.
All lined up out back and ready to start the project.
He's a good guy and I'm one happy chi ca.
Can you see what I see here?
These are the columns and there will be a wooden top, of course.
But all looking very French and European in nature.
I'm bringing this building to life one cast off at a time.

It's work, but so worth it.
Thanks for stopping by today....
I love it when you come.

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