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December 31, 2014

And this is New Year's Eve.....

Today I am meeting a customer at
the Shoppe so she can pick up some items....

I'm nothing if not accommodating :)

This afternoon I will  paint yet another piece
of my daughter's furniture....
The painting will continue into the year
as we paint everything in her house white.

She is my daughter, after all :)

This evening I will soak my black eyed peas for
easier cooking tomorrow....
We will enjoy our traditional dinner of
fried chicken, jalapeno black eyed peas, mashed potatoes,
and gravy....

I am a Texas girl, you know :)

Tonight will be a nice dinner
And grand babies, and a warm cozy fire, with all my furry babies...

Because I am so blessed.

Happy New Year...

You have the ability to change your life
in ways that will make
you happy.

December 27, 2014

Vintage Teacup Candelabra....It just doesn't get any easier than this!

I take on my share of big, difficult projects,
but just every once in a while
I like to do something that is
quick, easy, and has great impact for little effort.

The biggest challenge with this project is finding
just the right candelabra.
I keep my eyes open all the time for items to 
use at later dates so I can usually find something
like this in my "stash".

And this is as easy as it gets.....
Using Kiltz, I paint my candle holder.
After it is completely dry, I distress it just a little.

I use liquid nail in a small tube, and
I glue my saucers directly to the wooden
candle cups.

Allow it to dry overnight and put your cups in place.

These can be permanently glued, but I prefer to leave them
loose so I am able to easily clean them after
burning my candles.

It just doesn't get any easier than that, does it?

And it is gorgeous with small votive candles.
Sometimes the most obvious and the easiest
of creations are the most impressive.


Thanks for stopping by, you know I love it when you come.

December 23, 2014

I must confess, I usually get through all the
festivities of Christmas before I start reflecting
on the past year or what the new one might hold.

This year, however, is different.
There have been many life changing events....
good and bad, that need to be acknowledged in my own mind, dealt with, 
and put away so I can start 2015 fresh and new,
as I already have great plans for new ventures. 

One of the wonderful things has been the fact my daughter
and I have opened a new business adjacent to
my vintage and antique store....

A Moment in Time

It is the most precious dress up party tea room for not only
little girls, but big girls as well.

I am so proud of this new venture and am my awesome daughter.
Score one for 2014.

We worked on revamping the space for three solid months
The construction was completed by my sweet man the day
before he had a really bad stroke on
March 17.

Needless to say, life has been different.
We are very blessed, however, that he is mobile,
has his speech capabilites, and we are only dealing with memory
loss.  He does remember all of his family
so that is enough for me.

We have a life that I call "a new normal".
and are settling into it quite well.
I had to close his business, but it was time anyway.
What was a big negative, turned into a wonderful positive.
God works in mysterious ways to give us what we want.
Score another one for 2014.

I continue to create and have been published several times throughout the year.
It is very validating and feeds my senses to be acknowledged
for my creativity and work.
Another point for 2014.

We helped my little Mama celebrate her 88th birthday.
Score an extra ten points for 2014.
I cannot imagine life without her.

Despite all of the downfalls, setbacks, and disappointments in 2014, I am blessed.
I have my family, my precious animals, my health, and I am loved.
I can rise above the petty people in this world that thrive on drama because of their
insecurities and inferiority complexes.
just by looking into the innocent eyes of a three and five year old,
or seeing the gratitude on my sweet man's face as I make all of this work.

I hope your life is as full as mine, and if it is that you find the strength to get through it all :)

Merry, Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2014

Gorgeous, Easy to Make Body Pillows.......

Lots of bang for your buck here!
These beautiful pillows are a snap to sew up, 
can be made from old draperies, linens, or 
fabric you have laying around.

I used an old silk drapery panel and 
made my pillows the length of a standard bed, 
That is the size pillow form that can be easily found
for $8.00 at Target, so it just made the whole process easier. 

Make your own pattern by adding two inches to the width 
and length of the pillow.  If you are wanting fringe cut at each end as I have on the beautiful crushed velvet pillow, then add six inches at each end, or a total of twelve inches longer than the pillow measurement.  

Sew the pillow, leaving one end open for the pillow insertion.
Close the end and add your trims, laces or leave plain as desired.
I've added different embellishments as shown, 
and each pillow has taken on a look all its own.

If you want be able to wash your pillow cover, leave one end open by
 adding buttons or a zipper for each insert removal.

And it's as easy as that!
If you can sew a straight line, you can make this pillow.

Thanks for stopping by today....
My blog promises to have tons of ideas along
with instructions throughout the coming weeks and months.
I hope you drop by again.

June 20, 2014

Coffee or Tea?

I have spent quite a bit of time
during the last three months trying to get organized....

I know you understand , 
as I am sure that plagues the majority of us....
unless, of course, you are my little Mama.
But that would be yet another post *sigh*

In this organizational effort,
I have completed projects with things that were
brought in literally years ago.

I am determined to clear my life of unnecessary clutter,
and if I can turn it into cash, well, 
it's that much better.

I started with all of those wonderful coffee and tea
urns that I just couldn't pass up because they
were just so beautiful.....
but then "what"....right?

We also drilled out and used an antique
Singer sewing machine for wiring as a lamp.
I have made several of these over the years,
and it is always one of my favorite ones to complete.

The urns are just the size to make just
the right size buffet or table lamp.

I love the squattiness of this one...
it's one of my favorites.

The Bakelite handles are beautiful  and remind
me of little ears :)

Then, of course, there is the standard coffee pot....
I always have to throw one of those into the mix.

Off to clear out other shelves, boxes, and storage rooms.....
can't wait to see what I find that I just had to have that I have no idea
I have now.....geez

June 14, 2014

I Think I'll Blog Again.........

Wow......I haven't blogged since November of last year...
I've been an avid Facebooker, but I have to admit I've missed it here.

So many things have happened that short time period.
I have been busy running the antique portion of my shoppe,
running my store at Canton's First Monday once a month,
creating when I can,
and loving on grand babies, dogs, and cats.

Because my new website is getting ready to go "live",
I felt compelled to document some of my activities and
creations as it is always fun to look at them all in one place.

This is an absolute favorite of mine,
and has been created from the most delicious antique and
vintage findings and embellishments.
I have only made three of this style bag
because of how time consuming they are to create...
still I adore them.

The jean jackets are most probably a "Texas thing"....
as we seem to love our denim.
Look for this jacket in the upcoming fall issue
of Somerset's Altered Couture.
I'm proud to have four items in the next issue.

Again, one of my very favorites and 
a style that just can't be duplicated.
I can be copied, but never will one look
like the next because of materials used.

And of course, all the crochet garments....
I see them all around now, but still can't get my fill
of creating new and different ones.

Then  there is our new baby....
Tucked inside the Shoppe utilizing 1,000 square feet is
my daughter's and mine new adventure/venture.

Yep, you guessed it.
It's a Princess party dress up tea room.

We book private birthday parties for 
little girls as well as big girls,
and host bridal and baby showers as well.

This officially opened in May of this year
and is just taking off for us.

I don't know whether I'm more excited about the business
or being IN business with my beautiful daughter.

The stage and all of the construction was
completed by my sweet man.
He had a stroke two weeks before the first party,
but we are getting through it.

It isn't all roses,
It isn't all easy,
It isn't all fun,
But it all has promise....

I am truly blessed.....and remind myself daily.
If you think you can......YOU CAN.

Thanks for stopping by after all this time...
I've missed you.

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