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September 30, 2010

It's Steampunk, Baby!

I just can't get enough of this Steampunk art thing.
Here's the piece that went to the Arlington Museum of Art
For display through the month of October.
Although she looses a lot in this particular photo,
She is one of my favorites so far.
She also bears the perfect question....
"Do you prefer that you be right or happy?"Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come!

September 28, 2010

Curb Appeal......One Piece at a Time :)

I have so many supporters.....
You know the ones.....they want to see you do well
And seem to always be looking out for you?
And this post is to thank those who believe in me and my effort,
Even though there are also those that wish me to fail......
This is my little Shoppe as it sits today.
It wasn't always like this.....five years ago it was a dirty, nasty building that was
Inhabited by homeless people. It took us three months just to clean it up,
Much less worry about how much curb appeal it DIDN'T have.
Over the last few years, however, that has changed.
The Arlington Historic Society has been kind to me, giving me bits and pieces
From old structures being torn down.
My lovely railings were the first to come, and I was delighted to get them....
Forget the fact of how we were going to make them work....I just knew we would,
Because my sweet man can do anything.

And my latest acquisition came this past week when Martha rushed my front door
And said "come quick, I have something for you, but you have to hurry".
I asked no questions, and hurry I did, only to find the bulldozers in full steam.
Tearing down the last of the beautiful old Purvis house.
She had ask them to put aside the old light posts that were going to be just thrown away.

And there were TWO of them.....perfect!
I used Patti's idea (Patti's Artful Design) of securing them into pots of concrete.
She had done this with old wooden posts and I thought it a fabulous idea.
You will want to check Patti out as she has some wonderful ideas
AND a beautiful blog as well.

The concrete is still curing and the pots will be dressed up with some moss and such,
But still, aren't they wonderful!!
My curb appeal is building one piece at a time
With the help of my sweet friends
And the giving of their generous finds.

You can't forget the back half acre either, as it continues to grow and
Become an entity of it's own, especially when the Trade Days Antique Flea Market is going on.,

Thank you to all of those who have helped me get to where I am today,
whether it be through kind words, comments, or as a faithful customer.
Even those who have made it more difficult on me than it should have been,
Because you made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.

They may say there is "power in numbers",
However, in my case I would chance to disagree,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

September 25, 2010

Inspiration is Where You Find It.......

This is the bottom of an old chair I've been working on.
My daughter had it in her office for several years before the
Springs just started to pop.
It's probably about 60 years and the white upholstery was starting to show it.
Not with wear, but with general use, so I decided to work on it....but that's for another post.
Today I wanted to show you what I did with the worn out strapping that was no
Longer holding up the heavy springs.

I have to tell you that firstly I gathered it up and threw it in the trash.
I walked by it a couple of times before reaching in and pulling it out.
I knew it would be good for something.

And it was.
As I was talking to a customer today, I started rolling and folding the burlap
Like I do with my ribbon roses.

I ended up with about seven of these wonderful, textural beauties.

And to think......I was going to throw all of this away.
Goes to show you inspiration is where you find it.
And today, mine was in the trash :)

September 24, 2010

She's a Freak......a Super Freak, Super Freak...

And that would be my Layla.....or as I call her Useless Layly :)
You may or may not remember the rescuing of the Great Pyrenees family of 4.
Well, needless to say, they never went anywhere, but rather became ours like all the rest.
My Useless Layly insists on resting on top of the glass patio tables moving from table to table
Until she has successfully "cleared"all three.
It's amazing I have anything left in my backyard this summer...
And they are not necessarily "outside" dogs.
They sleep with us (yeppers, they do) and stay inside when we're home.
It's just that there are four of them, plus our other two big black dogs...
So they need a lot of room to play. This would be Effie.....my little serious one straight from a morning swim.
So calm and gentle and still not a year old yet.
You would never know that Useless Layly is her sister by the way they act.
This would be the proud Papa of the two.....my Clydearoni.
How do you like that smile?
He smiles all the time now.

It's because he does this about 30 times a day.
This is the swimmingst bunch I have ever seen.

My beautiful
Mama Bonnie didn't want to be photographed today.
Since her spaying, she has put on a few (more like a LOT) of weight
And just doesn't like the camera :)
Stay tuned the first part of the week for the announcement of my
Fantabulous Giveaway.
I haven't done anything like that in quite a while, so it's time.
Come back and sign up....
Have a great weekend.
Life is what you make it....make yours exciting!

September 22, 2010

FUnKy but Chic~Wearable Art

I continue on with the plan of filling one whole corner of my Shoppe
With my "creations".
These are items that I have personally made and also designed,
All carrying the label "Heart & Soul Wearable Art". This particular piece is one I made for myself.
The idea is to accessorize it with my black leggings and cowboy boots.
Because of the way the picture is taken, the dress looks floor length.
It is, however, tea length so the boots will look great.

Plus, it is ultra sheer, so you have to have something underneath....
And I'm just not a slip kinda girl.

This is a floor length dress that hangs beautifully and is very slenderizing as well.

Add the perfect little hand made lace bag and you're done.

If I had my way I would sew all day long.
Not with patterns as that is too restraining.
But combining items altering them to become something else.
Some are over the top, but all are fun
And isn't that what it's all about?
Not taking yourself too seriously?
Create something today and let your mind run free!

September 20, 2010

It's The Small Victories....

I had always wanted a serger,
So when a customer came in
Two years ago asking me if I would like to buy hers for a fraction of the
Original $1,500 sales price....I just couldn't resist.
She had never been able to "master" the use of this wonderful machine
and had never gotten it
Out of it's case after she had her original lesson.
And I actually did no better than her and am embarrassed to say it has been sitting in it's
Original carrying case for all this time.
People kept telling me how difficult they were to thread...
How difficult they were to learn to operate....
And on and on.
OR that's what I'm blaming the last two years on.
I think it had a lot to do with being out of my comfort zone
And realizing I was going to actually have to take time out of my busy schedule
And stop long enough
To read the manual and apply what I was learnng....
No easy task for an "ADHD" personality.

Today, however, I got the machine out.....set it up
Spent an hour threading it properly.....
And learning what the different "bells and whistles" did.

I ran my first serged seam and broke the needle......
So I learned how to replace needles as well.

My second seam ran smoothly and cut beautifully.
I felt very silly that it had taken me almost two years to
Take one hour to learn how to operate my new serger.

I can't wait
to cut into the beautiful Bamboo cotton
I purchased a year ago.
It's going to make wonderful lacey funky bloomers to
Go with my sweaters and such.

Thanks for stopping by today.
And I hope you can conquer what you've been putting off.
I did, and it feels great :)

September 17, 2010

My First Pink Saturday in A Long Time w/Pure Pink Elegance

I am the first to admit to anyone
That I am simply not a "glass person".
It's not that I don't think it is pretty, because I do.
I think maybe it is because this is one of my weakest areas of recognition...
It just all looks the same to me.
That is, except for beautiful green or pink depression glass.
Maybe it's just the soft elegance that attracts me.
Maybe it is the beautiful patterns.
But I rather think it is because it is PINK. These beautiful pieces are in my Shoppe for sale.
I enjoy looking at them everyday.

How incredibly beautiful is this oval platter......absolutely divine.

And a whole snack set for everyday use.

A sweet rose bowl vase

Then the beautiful biscuit jar.....all in perfect condition.

And the realization that whether we like it or not,
Christmas is just around the corner.

Thank you for allowing me to share my favorite pink glass today.
If you would like to see more beautiful pinks , please join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for the other participants....
You will not be disappointed in the diverse beauty you find.
Find the pink in your life......it's like a big hug!

September 16, 2010

~~~~~Texas Size for a Texas Girl~~~~~~

Literally months ago my friend, Barbie, brought me this big bag.
It is a thick burlap with a crochet cover and drawstring handle.
In itself it was nothing I thought I could use.....much less actually carry myself.
However, with the lace weaving technique I am currently using,
I figured I would give it a "go" with all my scrap pieces of vintage laces.
I love the way the bag turned out, even though it took forever.
It's Texas size, but after all, I am a Texas girl.
It is great for shopping trips because it will hold everything.
You can get a better idea as to the actual design of the bag with it laying flat,
And also see the weaving a little better.

It uses all of your scrap laces as you can just tie them end to end if you don't
Have a long enough piece.

Add a big organza rose, and it's done.

This technique was accepted by Somerset Publications and
Is Supposed to be Featured in the Spring issue .

Have a great day and create something...
It frees the soul!

September 14, 2010

The Time is Coming......The Time is Near!

I began hosting the Main Street Antique Trade Days Flea Market
Five years ago.....the year I first opened my Shoppe.
I did so for two reasons....
1. to create awareness of my business Downtown Arlington
2. to make money :)
I host two a year....one in October and another in May.
After the first two I told my daughter I would
Never do them again.....it is just so much work
And I was established enough to
Hold my own without the sale.
However, it is the beginning of the fifth year for the sale
With the upcoming event being #10.
I mean, who knew?
Who knew this thing would grow legs?
Who knew it would become what it has....
Who knew?I downsized the event last May bringing in fewer dealers for a less crowded venue,
Which also allowed them to make more money at the end of the day.
It is such hard work transporting everything, setting it up, then breaking it down,
And if you don't make money, it just sucks.

I have two dealers that cannot make it this sale,
So, if you have ever thought about selling your things,
Just give me a call.
My only requirements are that there can be nothing new, unless made from vintage items.
Absolutely nothing from China.
And that you must want to have a fun day with the nicest crowd you will meet anywhere
As we just don't allow mean people :)
Think about it and let me know.

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