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April 30, 2011


When I don't feel particularly well, I go inward...
Sometimes to heal my body....
Other times to heal my soul.

This week was a little of both.
 I really enjoy sewing and creating during this time
And can actually get a lot done which always makes me feel much better.
This little handbag is a tea dyed version of the one I  recently had featured in
Somerset Haute Handbags.
I adore the black velvet rose which adds wonderful depth to the lace.
 The inside reminds me a little of a venus fly trap,
But since there is no actual closure for the bag,
This works well to keep your things inside.

One of my newest designs....
Made simply from a silk tufted jaboe curtain
With gorgeous antique French lace.

 I like the way it hangs, is a lot more durable than you would think,
And holds a ton of stuff.
 I also almost  finished this special order sweater.
Just a few more rows of ribbon and lace.
It will be leaving here today.....

 And this is the label they are all sold under.......
But I've been thinking I would like a "name" instead of an "emotion"
Associated with my line of clothing.......
 I really like "Nettie Jane" as it was my Grandmother's name.
I wish I had wonderful stories to tell about her, but she died when I was very young.
I remember her being an incredibly strong willed woman and very mysterioius to me.
It just looks a little "commercial" to me.
 So I tried this one.....
Jury is still out on whether I will change or not.
I'm "pondering".

 Thanks for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come.
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April 26, 2011

If Walls Could Talk......

I live in the house I grew up in and we have named it
"Remember House".
There are so many incredible memories and
I can't imagine living anywhere else.
We bought the house from my lil'mama over 25 years ago
Did extensive remodeling, leaving what we could so it
Would have all the charm and architectural interest an old house should have.
For whatever reason, my bedroom remained untouched other than to 
Add a door for a Jack'n Jill bathroom.

This is that room,
Which has become what I call "The Baby Room".
It contains all of my baby things
My husband's childhood memories,
Of course, my baby girl's things.

I have loved ceramic and stoneware baby shoes
and have been collecting them for years.

 And, of course, my love of mirrors.
I saw this idea 15 years ago in a Country Living Magazine and
Immediately went about collecting my own special "wall".
The top displays various things from our past lives. 
 I also adore old baby clothes and
Have used them as a valance across the entire width of the room
Above both the windows.
 This wall displays not only my lil'mama's dress on top,
But mine in the middle,
and my baby girl's as well.
 My love of animals has been obvious all my life,
With my collection of chalk ware dogs.
 I am fortunate enough to have all of my childhood dolls.....
and saved my daughter's as well.
The little pink sewing machine on the top was from Santa when I was just 7.
I was sewing even then :) 

 My chair in this room was my first attempt at a fitted slipcover....
And I haven't done one since......they are a challenge.
It is full of my daughter's bears....
All wonderful memories.

 I always made her special dolls as well.....
Or at least I told her they were for her :)

 But this is one of my absolute favorite views......
As you leave the room you see the beginning of our
Family Wall of Fame.....mostly my wonderful daughter.
The pictures extend to the right and further down the left.
They include pictures from birth up to her wedding and
A few family photos mixed in as well.
I will never take these photos down.
To the left before you leave the room is my family history,
And to the right (not seen) is my husbands.

My family is everything to me. 

And this is what we still refer to as "my room".
Goodness, if walls could talk!

Thank you for stopping by today,
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Today I am joining with Faded Charm's White Wednesday.
Tell them I sent you:)

April 23, 2011

Over the Top Lamp Shade

Although this Pink Saturday we could post any color we wished....
I still chose pink.
Having just completed this over the top rose lamp shade
With a brides made veil overlay,
Well.....it was just a natural. 


April 22, 2011

What a Difference Paint Can Make......

To look at this piece you would wonder why I ever bought it.....,
And the fact is, I didn't.
It was one of those things that just "comes to you".
And.....I never, ever turn down FREE.
It stayed in the Shoppe in it's current state, and
In it's defense, looked a whole lot better than this.
I had already started sanding it when I took the picture....
Still, you can tell.....it was definitely lacking appeal,
But had great lines, being an art deco piece.

And when you looked inside, well,
You fall in love.....
So glamorous.
 Painted, it defines the lines and gives it new life.
Not so heavy, and definitely girlie.

Being one that usually just paints the hardware because
I really dislike removing it all and then replacing it,
I just had to take the time on this one.
The hardware itself was beautiful and deserved to be shown.

The inside was left as found......I just love blond wood.

Overall, I am pleased with the end result of the desk....
And free is always good.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come...
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April 12, 2011

Living With Whites

This is Bonnie.
She is one of the white rescues that came to live with us last year.
                                         She refused to leave the dining room during photos.
She got to stay.

I continue on with the redo of my dining room,
along with two other rooms in my home.
I am not seeking any particular style
As much as I am seeking calm.

Although the chairs have yet to be painted as I don't know which ones I like yet,
you get the general idea for the way the room is going.
I posted about this wonderful farm table my husband made several weeks ago.
Everything is centered around this piece,
As this is where my family gathers for special occasions
and Sunday dinners.

 It is a challenge for me to keep it simple,
But I am trying....for every three things I add,
I remove two. 
I hope to be finished within the week.

Thank you for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come.
If this is your first time here and you choose to follow....
Please know I always follow back.  

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