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December 20, 2012

A Stool for the Chair.....and the Final Week......

The final week winds down.....
these are the last days I will be open daily for
walk in business.
My new Shoppe Events begin next year,
where I'm open just three days a month for business.
Each event will feature different inventory and merchandise.
An ambitious business approach, I know, but
I'm excited about the venture and am already working
on items.
Although all will not be shared,
some will.
Since I shared "the chair",
I thought I should also share the coordinating ottoman.
They look really good together....
or can easily stand alone.
I'm hoping that my fingers heal quickly from
the electric staple gun and hot glue.
Oh, well....I suffer for my "art" :)
Thanks for stopping by today...
You know I love it when you come.

December 13, 2012

my newest, latest love....funky upholstered furniture

My vision for the new Shoppe concept is mostly the
same of what I have been doing the last year.....
lots of distressed white,
romantic clothing,
larger scale items....
AND my newest,  latest love.
Furniture upholstered in lovely vintage fabrics,
with none matching, but all that "blend".
Lots of trims and embellishments...
perfect for a relaxed atmosphere or in a more formal setting as well...
My next project is a sofa I have had almost two years.
I'll keep you posted on how that one goes :)
Slow, I'm sure.
Thanks for stopping by today..
you know I love it when you come.

December 12, 2012

New Direction in 2013 for Collected Treasures

Monthly dates will be released after the first of 2013.
I'm so excited about this new direction!!

December 5, 2012

Holiday Open House at Collected Treasures

Collected Treasures' Holiday Open House
is Saturday, December 8th
10:00 am until 3:00 pm
 Come enjoy sweet treats and coffee and
shop the deep discounts being offered on tons of
merchandise I won't be stocking anymore.

Selected china, porcelain, collectibles, dolls, quilts,
case items, jewelry, and so much more!

Also, come in to learn the new direction of the
Shoppe in 2013.
I think you will be surprised at what I have in planned.

Hope to see you Saturday!

You can keep up with new items, projects, and happenings
with me on Facebook
I'd love to have you there!

November 28, 2012

You Can Always Find Me Here.....or there

If you ever wonder where I am inbetween blog posts....
well, you can find me on Facebook
I post daily projects, events, and just things that are going on within the Shoppe and at Canton.....I promise you will never find pictures of grandbabies...although they are quite grande....just good stuff and adventures....come on over if you haven't already.......I'l love to incude you there :)
I'm at Canton this week for another fun month.......
come see me if you can.
Boardwalk II

November 26, 2012

It's Canton Time Again.....and Baby's Got Stuff!

Things have been rockin' along,
getting things ready for what I am told
is the biggest month at Canton First Monday Trade Days.
I can't imagine it being any better than it has already,
but that would be wonderful if it were.
I have been blessed and am grateful and thankful
for the last several months.
I'm still purging inventory from the Shoppe.
This is NOT because I am closing.
I do, however, have a great new plan for the new year.
I'm so excited about it but can't share it
until all the plans have been finalized.
I'm also taking *new* inventory to Canton.
I've been able to find some really cool pieces and
hope Canton shoppers like them as well.
This great cabinet was almost a *keeper*
I'm just in love with it's style.
These were ugly brown English auction chairs.
Just a little updating and they are good to go.
Not to mention this wonderful French desk..
A few odds and ends as well.

And my rag dress mannequin.
She will have rag angel wings to complete her ensemble :)

Lots of smalls to load today.
We delivered all the large pieces of furniture yesterday
and tomorrow will be the staging of my Shoppe
on Boardwalk II, Canton, Texas.
Don't forget the store is closed all week.
Come see me at Canton:)
Baby's Got Stuff!

November 7, 2012

A New Look for the Shoppe and Finding Balance...

.......or trying to.
It's hard to believe I haven't posted since October 20.
It's not that I've taken a break from blogging....
I just have too much going on, and
with the holidays coming it's just going to be more difficult
to balance it all....*sigh*
Canton was fantastic, and
probably one of the best business decisions I have
made since becoming my own boss.
But then, there's still the Shoppe.....my baby.
It has been neglected while I have been getting my permanent
space on the Boardwalk Arbors in Canton all set up.
It's had my attention all this week,
even though there are so many other things that
are so pressing as well. 
I'm selling through my existing massive inventory and
the Shoppe is looking lean and mean....
not at all like my usual style,  but I'm loving it.
The energy has changed and it feels good :)

The West room is 1,000 square feet and just about
completed.  There is not a thing that has not been touched,
moved, and rearranged.
Although there is still so much to do,
and Canton is in three weeks again.
I'll being working into the night for the next
couple of weeks.
I figure I can rest in January when it all slows
down a bit.
Thanks for stopping by today,
I've missed you!


October 20, 2012

Lace Antique Chairs and New Jewlery Designs

At this point, I am stopping at two lace chairs
for the time being.
I could make these in my sleep now,
but need to get onto other projects.
I have some new jewelry designs I want
to share at Canton this month.
We'll see how it goes :)
Happy Weekend....!

October 18, 2012

Antique Gas Stove Mirror

The cube wall I'm putting together in the Shoppe is just
about completed,
and the shutter wall is all done.
I'm going for larger scale and knew the mantle
headboard I created needed something big in size.
Using an old antique gas stove with a
discarded unframed beveled mirror,
I was able to create the piece I needed.

It didn't take long for Baby to find the new space....
She loves her new digs :)

Thanks for stopping by today...
I love it when you come.
I will be joining

October 16, 2012

Sneak Peek of New Shoppe Cube Wall

 Aside from the fact that I feel as close to pneumonia
as one could feel today.....
I did make some progress in redesigning the
Shoppe walls.
I'm nothing if not tough.....or crazy?
One corner is going to be all various shutters from floor to ceiling,
while another is old grey weathered barn wood.
I still have a lot to go on this wall of of old crates,
boxes, and drawers,
but you can see the direction  it's going.
I also need at least twenty various sized boxes and such
to complete the wall and "round" the corner.
Maybe tomorrow :)

I'll share the whole wall as soon as it's completed :)
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

October 13, 2012

Busy Much??? Burlap Ottoman, Lace Chairs, & Rag Lamp Shades

This week has been a slow week at the Shoppe....
I just happen to think it is the lull before the storm ,
as this time of year people are starting to take a deep
breath getting ready for the holidays.
I don't waste a minute of my downtime
because Canton is always calling and
I also need new items for the store.
I finally completed two ottomans that had been
sitting around for longer than I want to share.
This one has a feminine ruffle....
While the second one is a little more tailored.
I love them both.
Now, I share this chair because it is one that I completed
over a year ago with it now living in Houston.
I show this so no one thinks I have jumped on the ban
wagon covering chairs in doilies.
I sometimes do take other people's ideas and
tweek them to my items and materials,
however, not this time.
I followed my own lead and upholstered this
Queen Anne in laces and doilies.
It is such a different style chair,
but I love it just as much as the first one.
The lamp shade, however, is an idea I saw in Austin.
French Laundry had many of these and I was smitten.
I just had to make one of my own.
More projects await me today.
I just don't know where to start...
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

October 9, 2012

Gourmet Dog Biscuits and Flea Market Projects

It goes without saying we are all busy,
but I can honestly say I am, most days, in over my head...
Or at least it feels that way.
When I think about it though,
it is pretty much self imposed.
I could stop it at any time...
But how does one stop doing what they love??
The Main Street Antique Flea Market is over...
It was a wonderful day...
The Spring event is already planned for May 18th, 2013...
This is how my life gets away from me...:)
I am constantly trying to do new and different things
for the Shoppe and for Canton.
It seems to be what my customers like best.
I have no idea why....other than I wanted to,
But I decided to make gourmet dog treats.
This is the first two batches.
I can tell you my dogs love these things,
and they are all natural.
I ate one and it seemed good to me :)
It's all people food, put together in a granola
type baked bar.
Two of my doglets lay at the kitchen gates last night
guarding the oven as these dried overnight.
Silly dogs.

Then today my shipment of used softballs arrived.

I took special orders at Canton for bracelets.
Silly me.
I also took special orders for spoon pendant necklaces.
Everyone wants the words you don't happen to have.
I also used the spoon handles to make necklace pendants.
Don't look at the list of items to complete under the jewelry.
It will just scare you.
These wonderful old wire trash baskets will
soon become hanging light fixtures.
I wish this dealer would have had more.
I also downloaded some divine French labels
for use on my old bottles....
I picked up some cool ones at the flea market on Saturday.
These trunks will be altered with sheet music and such,
while the fabulous 40" needlepoint will become a messenger bag....eventually.
Right now I'm just jones'n on this antique silk velvet.
One of my sweet flea market dealers brought it to me
because she knows I adore this stuff....
It is luscious, and she is one of my favorite people to know.
 Can't decide whether to alter this little doll trunk or not.
It's missing all it's inside pieces, so it just might need new energy
before it finds a new home.
And I just have to share these things because I love them....
love them, love them, love them!
I can't get enough of old millinery flowers.
This cool old metal mailbox will go to Canton as is,
as will the large old sawdust pincushion.
I don't expect either one to last long.
I'm not certain what I will display on this fabulous 2' tall vintage rack.
Maybe old hankies.....dunno.
This piece was empty and has now been filled with old amber fragrance bottles.
The easiest of my projects, for sure.
Of course, there are suitcase ottomans to make,
more burlap pumpkins,
and a few more jewelry pieces.
But it's what I do :)
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come!

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