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February 27, 2011

It's Coming Right Along........

I have wanted a pergola for as long as I have owned my building,
However, it has never been at the top of the list as there is always so much else
To do or the money is gone when we have the time.
This weekend it all started to happen.
Not only did I get the iron columns for my birthday,
I was also able to scrounge some wonderful wood from a building being torn down.
I am never afraid to ask for something that I know can be recycled....and it worked.
As my sweet man and his carpenter friend worked on the framework of the pergola,
I took advantage of the beautiful weather to finish the mural I started four years ago.
I couldn't leave because I was the "go to" guy.
They didn't much care about my opinion, but every time they needed
Something, I got to "go to the store, the warehouse, the shop, or car" to get it...
Hence, the "go to guy". Alot of "junk" had to be disrupted to make room for all the supplies,
But it will be cleaned and perfect before the March 12 Le' Pre'miere Event.
I'm one happy "go to guy"

So much more to do, but it's coming right along.

February 25, 2011


Just as a Spring event would be incomplete
without chenille carrots,
A French inspired extravanganza without old burlap pillows would be amiss.
Lots to choose from and all are ready for Le' Pre'miere.
Don't know what that is......check out our event blog created just for this sale
And see some of the wonderful items we will be offering
March 12th. And of course, skads and skads of old time worn silver pieces and garden items.
And, of course, a word I live by
Do you ever feel you are just where you are supposed to be in the whole scheme of things?
I know I do.
We're running out of time and room......
But we're so excited to have the opportunity to host this event.
Stay tuned.....if we don't go crazy, it's gonna be a good one.

February 22, 2011

Out and About....and Pig Kisses

Monday Barbie and I spent the day driving all around...
(Going nowhere in particular, just looking for stuff.)
The one place I love the most is one she won't let me share....
It was that good.
But I will tell you there is an elderly man there that makes these fab birdhouses.
And there is also a pig that wanders around the lot.....
he kisses your leg.
It was a blast and a very productive trip......
But my favorite part was the pig. Then back to the Shoppe to incorporate more handmade items into Le'Pre'miere.
It's easy to just buy stuff, but to give the sale real soul it has to have a part of me.

With stamped silver spoon charms.

a spring sale before Easter without chenille carrots.....
Well, it just wouldn't be right.

So much to do, and running out of time.

Wanna see what we've been up to?
Check out Le' Pre'miere Quarterly blog and see some of the items.
I think it's gonna be a good event!

Thank you for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come.

February 17, 2011

Sweet Antique Silver Key Rings

I try not to waste any materials when I am remaking an item into something else.
That's why we took the spoon handles left over from the stamped pendants
And rolled them into sweet key rings
(and when I say "we", know it was my sweet man as I just watched:)
Perfect for all of your keys, or just that special one. Several had suggested I make rings from these,
But taking into consideration I have had one of those such rings
In my Shoppe for over a year, and the fact I did not have the tools to make a ring...
I just went with the key ring idea.
I love how they turned out.

Thanks for stopping by today,
I love it when you come.

February 15, 2011

No Smoking, Please.......

You might wonder what smoking has to do with this sweet hat stand.
Well, it was once a floor ashtray, albeit, a fancy one with the marble and brass.
Still, it was an ashtray.
I was able to invert the original ashtray "bowl" (after cleaning thoroughly of course)
And covered it with a sweet Victorian lace doily with under padding.
It stands about 24" tall so is a beautiful statement to that favorite hat of yours. And then there's the crosses.
I mentioned them in a previous post and
Had several questions regarding them.
Because I am making about 15 of them and
Will grout them all at once, using a dark colored grout.
I thought I would go ahead and show the design of the cross
Since it might be a while until they are totally completed.
They, too, are quite substantial measuring 22" tall.

All inventory being prepared for the upcoming March 12 Le' Pre'miere Quarterly Event.
Thanks for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come.

February 14, 2011

New Projects for Le' Pre'miere

This past weekend was beautiful,
Especially when you consider what our weather was last weekend.
We were able to get out in the shop and begin our bigger Le'Pre'miere projects.
We are planning a big garden area and
This is one of the larger pieces. This is my sweet man's design and I love it.
The other's are not this big, but being Texas girl, the bigger, the better.

This gorgeous antique wicker chair is getting a makeover.
Not sure what type of cushion I'm going to do yet....
I'm thinking tea dyed plush crochet pillows....yummy.

Off to glue broken mirror on large crosses,
I'll share that project later :)

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

February 12, 2011

Bejeweled and Beautiful!

I never get tired of working with old jewelry.....
Just touching the pieces reminds me of growing up and
Playing in my Mama's jewelry box.
She wore beautiful rhinestone sets everyday, and
I thought she was a movie star.
I buy bags of vintage jewelry where stones are missing and where there is one lone earring in the mix so I can create lovely jeweled boxes such as these.
The first box is quite large and is perfect for many different uses, but I like to just look at it.
I'm still deciding what type of finish I want for the box, but I'm thinking I will go dark.
I went into
my stash of beads and found a bag of imported glass seed beads
I had purchased years ago to make tassels.....and didn't.
I paid a lot for these and was glad to finally use them on something.
The light just dances on them like they were tiny diamonds....

The smaller
box uses vintage jewelry combined with loose pearls instead of beads.
A completely different look, but just as glamorous.

These boxes
are so useful and are a good way to repurpose old jewelry that will
Never be worn.....but is still so beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

February 10, 2011

Silver Spoon Pendants

As I continue to ready myself for the first Le' Pre'miere Quarterly Extravaganza,
I find myself completing all the projects I had been planning for what seems like years.
I am also bouncing back and forth between my home blog here and also at
the Le' Pre'miere blog featuring new merchandise and projects.
I literally had a hundred silver spoons of various ages and designs.
After pounding these flat and adding various words of inspiration,
My hands were black with tarnish and stiff with pain.

But the end results were just as I planned.

I did, however, leave about ten of the spoons whole and added
A garden theme of "herbs" so they can be placed inside your pots of windowsill
Herbs for a little pizazz.
The remainder were stamped with various words and phrases depending on the
Size of the spoon surface.

The handles
were cut and looped over, creating a hook
So the spoon can be attached to a chain and worn as a pendant necklace.

So as not to waste a bit, the beautiful handles were saved
And will be looped around a round key ring holder
Creating a key ring fob.

I am thinking I will complete a project that is a little less violent
In nature......I don't think my arm can take two days of pounding metal.

Thank you for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come.

February 4, 2011

Vintage Pearl Collars Transformed for Today

Somewhere during the last year I know I saw a project similar to this one.
A beautiful vintage pearl 1950's collar had been turned around to place the
Closure at the back......A gorgeous pendant or brooch had been attached,
And the results were stunning.
It has been a long week here in Texas with ice and now 5 inches of snow.
Because I have retail, I hold true to the "rule" that I am closed when the schools are closed......
And they have been closed all week.
I have dug through boxes at home, found things I had forgotten about, and things
I thought I had already sold.
These collars were some of that stash and it triggered my memory of having seen something done with these beautiful pieces.
These are my efforts.......
I found that adding a small chain in the back would also extend the size and make
Them adjustable for different size necks.
I had such wonderful fun matching the perfect pendant/brooch to the collar.
Not to be worn with everything, but beautiful with the right neckline.....

I know I need to get back to the Shoppe, and I will,
But this week has been divine.
I haven't had a vacation in years,
And this has been heaven.
Thanks for stopping by today...
I love it when you come.

February 2, 2011

Upside Down and Reinvented......

Several months ago this brass piece came to me.
It sat around quite a while being used as a table base, which it actually is,
And eventually got pushed to the back.
I brought it home this weekend thinking it would probably go to Goodwill.
When I brought it inside, I happened to sit it upside down and then I saw it.
The perfect little doll bed.
My sweet man put a bottom in, which I attached a bed skit to
A feather pillow was added all covered in Rachel Ashwell roses,

Then a lacy coverlet and precious handmade pillow.
What little girl wouldn't want to this precious little doll. bed

Even this "big" girl loves it now.

We're iced in this week,
So off to see what else I can reinvent.
Stay warm!

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