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August 28, 2012


If you had asked me last week if I was going to be ready
for Canton this week, you would have simply seen a
panic look on my face...
But, it's done!
And I'm like a proud mama.....

One of my favorite things to do is marketing
and staging product...

When I started selling over twenty years ago,
I had an antique mall manager tell me
something I will never forget...
He said,
"Jana, you give your junk such importance"
And I do.
I have loved all this old stuff for as
long as I can remember....
Knowing even as a child it had value.
Hopefully, this weekend others will see that as well.
I want all my treasures to have good homes...
To be valued...
And loved...

And protected for generations to come.

To create memories
And enjoyment..
and comfort..
Of course, Nettie Jane Designs is featured as well...
The line is named for my Grandmother
whom I barely knew, but knew well enough
to realize she was one strong woman.
Which is a good thing to have when it comes to family genes.
I applaud all of the strong women in my life
for teaching me perseverance.

But more importantly that,
The Harder You Work....
the Luckier You Get..
I've worked really hard, ladies,
Let's see now if I can get really lucky :)


August 25, 2012

I'm Think'n it Will all be OK......

It's been an extremely busy week at the Shoppe this week.
I know I am blessed, but I was trying to get so
much ready for Canton this next week.
Fear has turned into excitement.....
Being overwhelmed has turned into promise.....
Fatigue is replaced by adrenalin...
And I'm thinkin' it will all be OK.
I couldn't post without a picture, now could I?
This is a 24" plaster chalk vase that originated
from Mexico. 
It was airbrushed lime green with dragons....
hence the dragon handles.
This week it was painted white and sanded.
I added my absolute favorite French image,
and the handles will be covered with jute
to give it a wonderful French Market look.

It's off to Canton, of course :)
I'm off to finish painting and loading the trailer
for tomorrow's trip to
Boardwalk #2, Unit #2...
The weather should be wonderful this upcoming
Labor Day weekend....come to Canton....
I would love to see you!!!

August 22, 2012

First Monday, Main Street Antique Trade Days, & Staying Grounded

If anyone is tired of hearing about Canton,
well, join the crowd.......
I need to have this done and on to other things.
That will happen next week as
Canton First Monday begins August 29th....
ready or not.
Still a lot to do, but I feel better that three other
dealers haven't even started yet.
They probably have a staff of ten that will whip it out in a day.
While me, myself, and I have to do it in stages...
But, then it gets done the way I want it done.
Help has it's advantages and disadvantages.

The counter is made of old windows filled with vintage New York theatre
playbills.  The top is decoupaged with the front covers of programs.
My cash register is an old calculator type.
It doesn't do much besides keep the money secure and total the sales of the day.
The suitcases behind the counter are to hold
all the money I will make.....
I keep telling myself that in order to keep this engine goin'!
One of my absolute favorite things in the space right now.
My sweet man made both of these items.
The table is made of old wood and the chalkboard
is made of an old door framed with 2x4s.
He's so good.
This corner will have fabric at the back hanging down the full
length of the wall,
Then be filled with all my nettie jane clothing
and accessories
Once the chalkboard was painted atop the wall,
I knew it would work for me.
I am even embracing the wood behind the heavy wire walls.
It actually looks a little industrial and I like that.
The flip side of the space will literally be covered in furniture
and such.....the blackboard above the wall will
have various information written on them along the way.
The basics of the counter are set up, just need to add
all the smalls and decorative items I will be selling.
This corner is still in progress....
There will be a couple of upholstered chairs
and a few pieces of small furniture.
The walls will be covered with antique mirrors
and such.
The back wall will also be draped with the same fabric
as it's corresponding wall on the other side.
In front of that will be a really funky iron bed
setting at an angle covered with all my handmade
pillows and bedding.
I'm still working on camouflaging the wall, so
who knows at this point how it will eventually be.
The Collected Treasures'
Main Street Antique Trade Days
Flea Market is slated for October 6th. 
 All the spaces have been
rented and I am looking forward to a really good sale.
It is being held at the same time as Downtown Arlington hosts
it's very first Main Street Art Festival.
You can see why it's all so chaotic here.
My sweet baby, Tatsey, turns 3 tomorrow.
My family truly keeps me grounded.
I believe without them, none of this would be worth it.
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I truly appreciate the fact you indulge me
by reading blog.
I love it when you come.

August 14, 2012

Reality Sets In~The First Load to Canton

I've been questioning my sanity and wondering if I was actually dreaming.....
Why, just why would I put myself in a position for so much more
Responsibility and work?

Crazy is the only answer I have.

This is my first load to Canton.
I was feeling very inadequate when I arrived and my neighbors
on BOTH sides were there with table saws, drills, and enough
wood to build a small room onto a home.

Travis and I unloaded the heavy items I needed help with
and the ones that will work primarily as my fixtures within
the whole scheme of this vision I have.

 My neighbor on the South of me had extended the wall up almost
two feet.  I had planned to cover my walls with antique lace panels
and old wooden doors, but this threw me for a loop.

How was I going to cover up this ugly.
I decided I'm going to paint the wall abover the iron support in
chalkboard paint....but that is next week.

It seems I already have a "chalkboard thing" going on
with my sideboard chalkboard panels and large over the table chalkboard.

On my North side his construction is a bit different....
These will also be painted out as individual chalkboards,
being "framed" with a different color.....
much like my side door panels...

Below is my wonderful neighbor that just couldn't help me enough.
The one thing I can tell anyone about Canton....
the dealers are the absolute best....
I am so fortunate to be part of that group.

My first open date is August 29th...

All I can say is .....
WOW, these are crazy times!!!

Thanks for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come! 

August 10, 2012

Sweet Pink Confections.......

This sweet pink vignette is tucked in a corner inside the Shoppe.
It features hand painted wooden lamps and pepto bismal pink shades :)

I'm also working on chandelier lamp shades for my
new space in Canton....

I used vintage millinery flowers which, of course,
just happened to be mostly pink.

I just never tire of making these....they are just sweet little confections
to dress your favorite chandelier or small lamp.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come....

With this post, I am joining Pink Saturday....
well, of course, I am :)

August 9, 2012

Huge Painted TV Cabinet & a Visit to Canton

This week I painted a huge TV cabinet for a client.
She wanted the same finish as the French buffet she saw in the Shoppe.

And she wanted it painted on site.
I am nothing if not accommodating :)

This is the beast as she originally sat.
A beautiful piece, but very dark for the room.
I admired my client's courage in painting this piece.

I don't use any of the speciality paints,
But do a dry brush effect with normal flat wall paint.

I've had a lot of questions on how to do this,
So I hope to have a tutorial up next week
That will show you this technique.
It saves you tons of money and gives you the
exact same effect....promise.

I like to distress as I go,
not allowing the paint to harden too much before removing.

The bottom of the unit before applying the stain or wax finish.

And after the finish has been applied over the paint.

Making sure I wipe off almost all that I put on for a light effect.
It knocks down the brightness of the paint and deepens it's color

Then off to Canton to see where my second Shoppe location
is going to be.
It's inside the Boardwalk #2, Space #2.

It is big, measuring 22x18'.
I've got to be completely moved in before August 29th
in order to be ready for September First Monday
Yep, those are my sweet babies trying to hide behind the wall....

 After all is said and done, I am hoping I can look as wonderful
as Troy and Rod of Junk Exchange do.

They are Canton veterans and have given me so much
wonderful information and tips guiding me through
this process that is nothing less than crazy for me.

If you haven't met Troy....here he is.
I promised him I would soften the photo making us
both look "fresher" than the 105 degree weather would allow us to.
And what am I doing with my reading glasses on?????????
I'm telling you....
I don't know if I'm comin' or going.

Be sure and visit both Troy, Rod, and myself if you
visit Canton.......we'd love to see you.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come

This week I'm joining:

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