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May 21, 2013


When I used to blog at least once, and
sometimes, twice a day.
I remember when I blog hopped,
joining all the parties and such.
Today there just isn't time.....
Facebook is so much easier to manage.
Especially posting on my IPhone
Taking quick pictures and a quick blurb.
My success is much better there as well...
My market has found me and appreciates what I do.
Maybe my market has the same problem
With just not having enough time to sit and
Actually READ tons of paragraphs....
A sign of the times with our busy schedules,
But I do miss it.....
I try to come back when I can,
So don't give up on me yet.
Canton is next week,
May 30-June 2
Boardwalk II
And the Shoppe's Showcase Event is
June 14 & 15,

May 1, 2013

Canton May 2-5......Field Trip!

I always spend one or two days before
Canton actually begins to add new
items and shake things up.
Although it's not shown in these pictures,
I moved my entire counter area to the very back.
I'm thinking I'm going to like it better.
Sure hope so,
'cause my bones are telling
on me today.
But that's the price you pay when you
are a one "gurl" show :)
Thanks for stopping by today,
you know I love it when you come.

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