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July 21, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner......

Thanks to everyone who came and shopped
at the July 19 & 20 Showcase Event....
I couldn't do all of this without  you :)
As promised to all of you that don't "do" Facebook,
this is the winning ticket for a $50.00
Collected Treasures' gift certificate.
Call or email to receive your prize.

July 17, 2013

July Showcase Event & New Website Info.....

This upcoming Friday and Saturday
is the July Showcase Event
here at the Shoppe.

I've actually had an extra week this month
to get ready for the sale because of
how the dates fell for July's Canton.

I have dug deep into the back corners
of my storage areas pulling out
wonderful new items to present this month.
I also have some killer pieces of furniture
as well....even some I would really,
really like to keep myself :(

But if I kept it all, I wouldn't
be in business very long.
I hope if you are local you can make
it by.

There will be a drawing for a $50 gift certificate....
Also a "freebie" each day that you get to take
home if you are the one to find it.

A fall art/workshop schedule will be posted
for those of you asking for more

And really good prices on really good "stuff"
Thanks for stopping by today....
you know I love it when you come :)
P.S.  For those of you always asking, my new website has a target date of August 1......
It will be full of all my Nettie Jane Designs.......so stayed tuned :)

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