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March 31, 2011

Farm Table 101

 I wasn't happy with my dining room table....
It was round, dark oak, and although I had white chairs
And a beautiful lace tablecloth.....it was still dark wood.
Even I cannot paint beautiful wood....just the ugly stuff
That has lost it's life and beauty along the way.

When I came across this wonderful farm type table in a past
Issue of Country Living....well, I was in love.
After reading the article, I found this was actually Rachael Ashwell's table.
I'm assuming it was actually old, but it didn't matter to me....
I wanted one like it.....this was what I had been searching for.

I hung the picture on the fridge for several months.
I showed it to my sweet man....he said he could do it.
I keep enforcing the fact I wanted old wood used.
You know, scraps we had and the more beat up the better.
He didn't get that part, but he never has :)

Still, he followed my lead and built me what I had envisioned.
I have gathered mismatched chairs and
Still have to paint them various colors of white,
But, it is still the look I wanted.
Perfect for big family dinners
With no fear of water marks or damage
As this just makes it look better and better.

I'm also in the process of switching china cabinets and wall decor,
So the entire room results will come later....
For now, I'm just lovin' my table.

Today I am sharing with Debra's Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Friday
My Romantic Homes' Show and Tell Friday.,
The Charm of Home's Home Sweet Home
Lots of wonderful ideas and vision......check it out.

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March 29, 2011

"I'm Out There, Baby, and I'm Lovin' Every Minute of It........"

You know it's coming, and you wait and wait.
You know better than to share your news ahead of time
Because things can always change....
Publishing plans can switch gears, and you get "pushed back",
And it looks like you are making it up :)
So, when it is finally in print, you just have to share the news.

The latest issue of Somerset's Haute Hangbags is available April 1st.
And, there I am.....page 12 & 13 & 14.
 I always get excited......
One to be published for my work,
And the next, because they make my things look so darned good. 

The submission process is painless........
It's the waiting for acceptance that lasts forever.
However, it is definitely worth it.....
If you have ever thought about it, but just haven't for whatever reason....
Jump right in......you can't be accepted if you don't put yourself out there.

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March 25, 2011

I Love Antique and Vintage Linens.......

I have so many linens that they are very difficult to keep straight.
At one point, I had someone wash and iron all of them,
Measure them, bag them, and tag them.
But then who wants to look at antique and vintage linens through plastic?
I know I don't.
I want to touch them, feel them, and inspect them.

That's why over the course of the last week I started working on this
Specific area of the Shoppe.
I had them all in the same display cabinet and
Believe me, they were an absolute mess.
Customers didn't put them back on the right shelf,
Opened them and mixed them all up.

Then I got another cabinet and decided to sort them.
 One cabinet will hold all the bed linens, with the exception of the quilts.

 And that's because I have over sixty to display and choose from.
 So they have an area all their own.....

 But this is where I am removing the bed linens and
Planning on having just table linens here.
I will be able to remove the plastic and
Give them more importance and ROOM.

 And the new display area for all the bed linens,
From pillowcases, to bed sets, to bedspreads and coverlets.
 Still alot to do, but it's coming right along
 (sometimes I feel like everything in my life is "coming right along",
and I know I will be happy when something is finally finished :)

Since so much pink jumped out at me when I took a final
Look at the pictures,
I just had to share today with Pink Saturday at Beverlys...

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March 24, 2011

I Never Tire of "Old Stuff"

The older the better and
If I can make something out of it then that's all the good.
I found I did not have the heart to discard, or even recycle, the amber bottles that
I received my fragrance oils in.
I kept tens and twenties of these sitting on the shelf waiting for a "project".
Last month I altered a few of them with antique silk velvet ruched roses and
Hammered spoon pendants 

 All displayed inside an absolutely wonderful antique iron stove.
One of the largest I have come across.
 But I also adore this antique Victorian musical instrument case.
I have no idea what instrument, but I love the velvet...

I find it odd that as I am purging color from my home,
I am particularly attracted to it at the Shoppe.
I guess it's good that I have both.

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Where you always find
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March 22, 2011

When Good Things Come "Your Way"....

  If anyone doesn't know it by now.....
I adore old linens and literally covet antique laces.
Sometimes to the point that my heart will beat fast when I am going through them
For the very first time.

I couldn't believe my good fortune this morning when in came
Lisa.......a sweet soul that found my Shoppe a couple of years ago.
She has come to know me well, and we talk about vision, dreams, and goals.

She had several large baskets of her Grandmother's old crochet pieces
And laces, and velvets, and Irish linen....
And on and on.
                                                                      All just for me.

I was in heaven all day long as I sorted through my beautiful bounty.

Just when I think all of the good stuff is gone or too pricey,
I am delightfully surprised as I was today.

And you know the good thing?
She says she has more......yummy~

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Today I am linking to Kathleen at Faded Charm for

March 17, 2011

All That is Old is New Again......

A customer came into the Shoppe today and I asked my usual question....
"Are you looking for anything special?"
Usually I receive the standard "no", but today she had purpose.
I would say she was in her late twenties......
And I don't get many younger shoppers very often.

She had been thumbing through a Pottery Barn catalog
and found they merchandised and also sold
vintage reproduction suitcases.
She didn't want to pay their price,
And wanted it "today".

She had been to every store in town to no avail.
Can you imagine her surprise when I proceeded to
Show her not just one, or two, or three old suitcases,
But she had her choice between about thirty different ones.

I've been collecting these for years simply because I love the idea of
What they represent. 
Families or individuals traveling to new and different places.
Packing their most needed items and
Most probably traveling by car or bus.

Always with a hat box in tow as well....
A girl had to have her hat.

She also loved all the old books and bottles and
Since mine were not for sale,
She went about her day looking for some that were.

I just adore the story these old things tell,
If only we stop and listen.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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March 15, 2011

First One Down.....

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and we could not have ask for more.
The crowd was eager to shop and very receptive to our new event, Le' Pre'miere.
I don't think I have worked that hard in a long time, but the rewards were many.
The Shoppe gained many, many new customers having just found us for the first time.
And I still appreciate my loyal, long time customers who are now my friends.

There is no rest for the weary (or the over achiever or maybe the insane:)
As we are already planning the 11th semi-annual 
Main Street Antique Trade Days Flea Market May 14th.
The back lot is already full, so get ready for another good event. 

I'm still moving rather slow, so bear with me as I make the rounds seeing what you've been up to...
I know I've missed a lot and can't wait to see all your wonderful creativity.

Thanks for stopping by today,
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March 9, 2011

Right in the Middle of Crazy....

In the middle of crazy, I'm reminded of what is important.
A wonderful photographer in Arlington asked to come into
My Shoppe and take photos of our three generations
In clothing I had created for my
Heart & Soul Line.
She snuck us a picture to keep us at bay
While she is working on the other 40
That we just can't wait to see.

I am truly blessed.
Back to the sewing machine creating pillows for
The Le' Pre'miere Sales Event this Saturday. 
We're so excited!

March 8, 2011

Final Week.....Check It Out...

It's a long week with little time for posting,
But I just had to share a little of what is
Complete for the Spring Le' Pre'miere Quarterly Sale this Saturday.

Still so much to do.......
I hope to catch up with everyone next week.
The weather is supposed to be gorgeous....

Still so much to do.......

I hope to catch up with everyone next week.
The weather is supposed to be gorgeous....

Please send some positive energy our way for a super sale!

March 2, 2011

Chicken Wire and Elbow Grease.....Viola'

Several months ago I spotted a huge roll of rusted,
old chicken wire in my lil'mama's barn.
I asked her if I could have it, and she asked me "what for?".
I said "I dunno", as I loaded it into the truck.
I hadn't thought about it since we brought it home...not until yesterday.
For some reason it just came to me that I wanted to make chicken wire cloches,
Which I started to do.
As I cut, and squeezed (and bled) , I formed the wire and also saw something else.
And that was table top dress form which now stands about 18" tall.
Each is individual, being filled with vintage tulle....

old dress patterns,

absolutely nothing at all.

having stylish "belts" and brooches....

Then, of course, the original thought......the cloche.....

With a better look
at how they are actually formed......
great for inside or out.

I hope
you enjoyed your visit today.
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March 1, 2011

Display Made Easy....

What do you get when you combine chicken wire... Along with beautiful hand made organza roses....
And and old white wooden screen door?

A great store display and a wonderful way to organize smalls.

Or anything else that will hang......I think it would be perfect for old pictures as well.

This works just as well with an old window or frame.
Simply cut your chicken wire to size and carefully staple tautly to the backside.
Thank you for stopping by today...
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I'm linking to Kathleen today at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

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