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January 27, 2009

The Romance of Antique Velvet....

Some momths ago a friend of mine called to say he had found an old suitcase on the curb....I told him that I was "proud of him" and laughed not knowing where this was going. He then told me it was stuffed full of antique velvet fabric.....some torn antique clothing and some just remnants of fabric and clothing........of course, he knows I always see something in anything and asked if I wanted it. Not knowing "what" I would do with it, just knowing I couldn't wait to touch it, I enthusiastically told him "yes". Below are some of the directions this gorgeous fabric has gone.....beautiful roses on vintage bags and even on newer woven ones creating the ultimate in romance. Most of the roses are small in size, but being a Texas girl, I just had to take it over the top with my big pink beauty.........I am so lucky to have friends that "get me" and make sure things come my direction.......thank you, Tim!

Add the antique velvet roses to a woven bag for an elegant "ragged out" purse that looks great with jeans!

Any size vintage bag may be used with these gorgeous antique velvet creations.

A simple vintage black clutch becomes a little piece of art with antique velvet roses.

Several months ago at the Fall Trade Days Sale I just "had to have" these old wooden fence finials. Absolutely no one saw "my vision", but once painted and combined with some of my antique doll bonnets they become miniature mannequin heads......So what are they for???? Absolutely nothing, but aren't they cute!

January 14, 2009

Art Classes Scheduled~Sign Up Soon!

Altered Art Mixed Media Paper Bag Memory Books~Class Feb 19th & 26th~6:30 to 8:30
Cost Per Person $65.00~All Supplies Furnished...please note corrected dates...sorry :)

Altered Art Mixed Media Decopage~Class March 19 & 26~6:30 to 8:30 pm
Cost Per Person $65.00 ~All Supplies Furnished

Altered Art Gift Tags~April 16~6:30 to 8:30 pm
Cost $30 per person~All Supplies Furnished

January 8, 2009

Collected Treasures Semi Annual Store Wide Sale~Nothing Held Back

Everything's On Sale! My first semi annual store wide sale is scheduled January 10th through January 31st with a 30% across the board savings. The only items excluded from the sale are items already sale priced, items $20 and under, special orders, and Heart & Soul trademarked items......Choose from gorgeous chandeliers to beautiful linens and cottage chic furniture. All forms of payment are accepted, just no layaway please. What better way to feather your nest and save money at the same time.....come in early for the best selection. See you soon!


January 2, 2009

May the New Year be Shiney & Bright!

As I start out the new year I firstly give thanks for the year that has been. Although it has not been an easy one in many different ways, I still have so many things to be grateful for. After several serious health issues, my little 82 year old Mama's health is very good.....My only child was married this past summer and is deliriously happy....My husband has not abandoned me, although I give him reason on a regular basis as I go too fast at all times with all things :)......and last, but not least, my daughter is also expecting. Although this does not seem like any great accomplishment in this world today, I can tell you from a stand point of not being able to have children myself that this should never, never be taken for granted. I remember when she was such a small thing curled up in my lap, telling me that when she grew up she would have us "lots of babies"......and here we go!

I plan on making personal changes during the upcoming year....hoping to somehow make my life easier if that is at all possible. My first step is to accept the color "blue"...as I have never been a fan. Perhaps this will open my mind and let other good things inside.....I figured it won't hurt :). I also hope to be more spontaneous as I know I am very set in my habits and that definitely curtails the learning curve. I will become more healthly and to speak Spanish.....I really would like to know what they are saying about me in all those thrift stores I visit....

I will be more patient....I will smile more.....I will give more.....I will design more....I will make more time for the things I love.....but most importantly....

I will be the best Gammy EVER! Here's wishing you the very best in the year to come.....I think it is time.

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