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November 21, 2013

White Saturday Holiday Open House November 23, 2013

There's no 'black Friday' happening around here.
Because I will be at Canton during what society
has deemed to be the beginning of holiday shopping....
Collected Treasures is having their very own
"White Saturday"
Please join me this
Saturday, November 23, 2013
from 11-4pm for
champagne and sweet nibbles
while you browse the
new inventory brought in just
for this event.
The Shoppe is always 'full',
but this time it is
overly full....
But if you have ever met me,
you wouldn't expect anything less :)
There is a little bit of everything...
Including antique bed spring Christmas trees.
Lost lids...
and, of course,
Nettie Jane Designs...
Ribbons and trims...
With a few buttons thrown in...
I would love to see your smiling faces....
Come check me out!
Thanks for stopping by today,
you know I love it when you come!

October 28, 2013

Isn't It Funny That Things Change, but They Stay the Same?

That would certainly be the best way to describe
my life...especially this past year.
I have gone to being open five days a week,
to two days a month,
back to three days a week...
It's all quite simple actually.
I have just had to be flexible enough to change
quickly when it wasn't or isn't working for me.
With Canton and the Shoppe,
not to mention my first love which is my
Nettie Jane Designs it stays very busy.
Then add grandbabies, life in general, and it just
all gets blurred.
I think I have it under control at this point...
at least, it's looking that way for the moment :)
I have committed to a few more shows, but
only my Nettie Jane line will be shown.
Both are local.....so hopefully, all my regular customer
can come if they want.
It is a wonderful opportunity to gain
more exposure for my clothing and designs.
Don't get me wrong....
being published on a regular basis in
various Somerset Magazines is great,
but that is a different kind of exposure.
I can't wait to share with all of you
what the details of the events are,
And should be able to do so in the next week
or so....
In the meantime, I'm just sewing, stapling,
and covered in lace....
Which means....
I'm in my own personal heaven!
For those inquiring.....I'm working on a website, but
right now it is going slowly....
be patient....it will come :)
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come!

September 6, 2013

Things Change, But They Stay the Same....

The one thing I like to credit myself with is the ability
to recognize when things aren't right.
As I begin my ninth year in my freestanding building Downtown Arlington,
I change my strategy once again....
At the beginning of the year I decided to have a third Friday and Saturday
Showcase Event and have my Shoppe at Canton the end of each month.
It sounded like it would be much, MUCH easier for me....right?  Just being open two days a month...
well, just how easy would that be!
Well, No...no, it wasn't.
The job of rearranging the store each month, while bringing in
fresh merchandise was overwhelming.....it's just me, you know.
The concept was a wonderful one.
My customers caught on right away.
It was everything I needed it to be....
BUT, it turned out to be five times more work than simply being open
each week for normal business.

That's why beginning this week I am now open
each Thursday through Saturday for regular business.
Novel concept, right...LOL
I can already tell you my Shoppe kitties are much
MUCH happier with this decision.
They didn't get to see near as much of me or YOU to
meet their emotional needs....

 and both Marly...(top) and
Baby (bottom) are very needy.
Yep, they are.
I have spent the last week putting the store back together
with some things I had removed thinking I didn't want to
sell them anymore.
Maybe not as much as I once had,
but more than I was offering during the
monthly Showcase Events.
It feels good following my heart and not
what I THINK will work.
Cause you know what they say....
if your heart's not in it then it's just not much fun.
I'm ready to have some fun again...
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

July 21, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner......

Thanks to everyone who came and shopped
at the July 19 & 20 Showcase Event....
I couldn't do all of this without  you :)
As promised to all of you that don't "do" Facebook,
this is the winning ticket for a $50.00
Collected Treasures' gift certificate.
Call or email to receive your prize.

July 17, 2013

July Showcase Event & New Website Info.....

This upcoming Friday and Saturday
is the July Showcase Event
here at the Shoppe.

I've actually had an extra week this month
to get ready for the sale because of
how the dates fell for July's Canton.

I have dug deep into the back corners
of my storage areas pulling out
wonderful new items to present this month.
I also have some killer pieces of furniture
as well....even some I would really,
really like to keep myself :(

But if I kept it all, I wouldn't
be in business very long.
I hope if you are local you can make
it by.

There will be a drawing for a $50 gift certificate....
Also a "freebie" each day that you get to take
home if you are the one to find it.

A fall art/workshop schedule will be posted
for those of you asking for more

And really good prices on really good "stuff"
Thanks for stopping by today....
you know I love it when you come :)
P.S.  For those of you always asking, my new website has a target date of August 1......
It will be full of all my Nettie Jane Designs.......so stayed tuned :)

June 13, 2013

June Showcase Event June 14 & 15~Shoppe Tour

There is nothing I love better workwise than getting
the Shoppe ready each month for the
Monthly Showcase Sale....
It's always a challenge to make everything
look new and exciting...
As well as bringing in new product
and Nettie Jane Designs...
and redoing other pieces making them
more marketable...
I'm trying to have a more open floor plan...
And anyone that knows me is probably saying.
Knowing that just isn't my "M~O" ;)
I pack it and stack it....

Hoping each month to have something you
just can't live without....
Come visit this Friday and Saturday,
June 14 & 15
I always love to see you!

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