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September 29, 2009

It's A Great Day for a White (Wedding) Wednesday!

Here we are at yet another Halloween, and I stand amazed at how many resale shops simply put out the antique and vintage wedding gowns for costumes.....to be drug down the street and stepped on and literally ruined. That's why I started "saving" these beauties years and years ago.....before alot of the stores caught on and started raising the prices when they saw me coming. Over the years I have amassed approximately 50 vintage and antique gowns....my oldest being from the 1920's, but some of my favorites from the 60's.....must be because that is the decade in which I married and am partial to my gown. Yes, I still have it and it is 42 years later. I cannot imagine ever parting with this part of my life or my daughter not wanting it someday. That is why it always saddens me so when I am presented with a gown being told..."you take it....my girls don't want it and I would rather it go to you than charity"....it just breaks my heart. That is why today....on this beautiful white wedding wednesday I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes being....

"There's something in alot of us I am thankful for........a desire to save the old".

I will forever continue to save these "girls"......if only to keep them from those who don't care about them and those who fail to see their soul. Want more White Wednesday.......jump over to Faded Charm Cottage on the sidebar button and see who else has joined the fun of sharing this week........it's always a beautiful day!

The fabrics, the laces, the workmanship are like nothing we have today......absolutely delicious, and in most cases....right off the rack!

September 26, 2009

Altered Couture for a Girlie Girl......

One of my very favorite art forms is actually sewing....not so much the sewing aspect of the piece, rather the creative process which goes into making something from nothing...or in this case......from something altogether different than what it started out as. I have posted on my altered couture sweaters and skirts, however, this is the first garment I have constructed of nothing other than antique and vintage crochet scarves and doilies, as well as tablecloths and collars. This particular piece is made for me and hits right at ankle length. I plan on wearing it with my long velvet skirts, or my lace leggings, or my Magnolia Pearl pantaloons. Several more are under construction for the store as this will also be something I add to my inventory as the months go by and time permits........you just can't help but feel like a "girl"...AND, I am nothing if not "girlie".......thank you for stopping by....I love your comments and appreciate all your wonderful kindness. Remember to comment or follow for a chance to win a loaf of my soap......winner will be drawn October 1! xo jana

September 25, 2009

Princess Pink Saturday....

What better way to celebrate Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly than to preview my new grand bebe's room. My daughter is not a lover of all things old as I am, however, she does love the cottage look and chose that for Miss Sterling's room. The walls are a precious light pink, the rug was the third one brought home, and all of the waterfall furniture has been altered in one way or another to be more conducive to a little girl's room. The chest with drawers setting on top of the little chest is actually an old Sear's tool box that has been painted for small items needed daily for a little one. All of the pictures have special meaning, in that the pink clothing was my daughter's coming home outfit, her first winter cap, little ribbon barrettes from a beauty pageant she won, and a picture of her in her first pink and white polka dotted swim suit.....all framed out in a vintage white button shadowbox frame. The oval picture is of her and me when she was just 18 months old.....I love how I actually look about 12 in the photo. The green matted picture is one she recently put together of her husband's keepsakes so he would have a place of honor in the room as well......The baby bed was my daughter's baby bed and was painted to match the other pieces of furniture......the chandelier in the center of the room has special little handmade porcelain pink roses adorning the entire piece.....I can't wait to see how long it takes before she tries to swing from it!!!! Want more pink today.....click on the pink button on my sidebar and enjoy all the other participants this Saturday......it's like a big hug!

Sorry about any duplicate photos here....I was getting tricky with my photoshop and didn't know how to correct my over~trickiness) xo jana

Our Art Group's Second Workshop....

Here comes Halloween........

Our Art Group met for it's second workshop last night and there was glitter flying, solder steaming, and ideas bouncing all over the room. Although the general design subject was "Halloween", I can tell you , there were as many different ideas there as there were people. We are excited to welcome Cami of Creating Myself to the group and look forward to the friendship that we all know will come with time. Joann worked on a Sommerset project with teaspoons, pictures, ribbon, and glitter to make the most adorable spooney things. Cami reinvented a vintage glass and brass box with a witch fairy which turned out to be absolutely precious. Pat learned to solder and made her first large charm pendant, while Charlene was kind enough to take her workshop time and teach her, as well as Carolyn with their soldering issues. Carolyn not only finished her large pendant charm, but also presented her adorable houses she is making for the holidays. Rochelle crocheted with gorgeous yarn while "taking us all in", not really sure what to make of our banter. Lisa started her Halloween shadow box of covenant witches and I bounced from chenille pumpkins to door plate cover light catchers and stayed focused on absolutely nothing, except what everyone else was doing........Our next group workshop is October 22nd....just TWO days before the Fall Main Street Antique Flea Market hosted on my back property here at the store. ALSO, if you haven't entered the monthly soap giveaway, you only have until Monday to do so.....the winner will be announced Tuesday, so join in to win!

And then there was MORE!

September 22, 2009

A White Wednesday Transformation.....

Although I have been transforming ugly items into "white beauties" for the past 12 years or so, it never ceases to amaze me just how very different a coat of paint can make something look. I always encourage anyone wanting to "redo" a room to paint the furniture before going out and buying all new things. I mean, if you are going to give it to charity anyway, give it a try and you just might fall in love with your things all over again. This piece I found at a local Church bazaar that I go to each year. It was probably once white in the 50's, but someone (and it was probably a man because we KNOW how much they love natural wood...lol) had stripped the paint, along with the original children's decal on the front door and left it needing quite a bit of TLC. A simple coat of my favorite white paint, a little distressing, and a few sweet accessories and it is "new" again.....never, ever underestimate the power of white!! Want to see more white today......jump over to Faded Charm from the button to the left and see the other participants in today's event.....always sure to please.......

Have a beautiful "White Wednesday" and make your day great! xojana

"BEFORE" the transformation of WHITE.....

September 18, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas........

Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for stopping by to share my week's vision of this happy, loving color. It is so difficult to realize that Christmas is just around the corner, but I am reminded each day by customers shopping early and my wonderful collection of old ornaments....most of which are PINK. See.....even years ago they were in love with this gorgeous color. Thank you Beverly for hosting another fun day.......want to see more pink and experience it's "hug".....check out the link on my left sidebar and join in the Saturday fun........

and consider yourself "hugged". xo jana

September 17, 2009

Have You Met the Girls?

I started collecting these "girls" years ago when they were so very hard to find in my area. As a flight attendant, I would also scour antique venues all over the United States buying any and all that I came across....and at whatever price. Imagine my delight when I found Ebay and discovered there was a plethora of these to be had, and at a reasonable price. I don't know what it is about me and collecting, but when my display cabinet is full to the brim....I'm through searching. It's not to say that if one "just comes to me" that I won't take it in and embrace it with the others....but for all practical purposes, I'm on to something else........These are my girls in my antique dental cabinet that I was fortunate to find years ago.......I've got to admit....looking at my "girls" makes me happy!

Also, don't forget to leave a comment or sign on as a new follower to be entered to win a whole loaf of lucious handmade soap at the end of the month.....it's yummy! Thanks for stopping by and remember to Make Your Day Great! xojana

September 16, 2009

White Wednesday & My Giveaway!

Better late than never they say........and I couldn't pass up this week's event to "show and tell" about my new fantastic antique French sofa and matching chair.....I was so very fortunate to find these pieces and in their wonderful condition as well. The fabric is a silk brocade and the tufting is divine. The original tag remains on the sofa and indicates it was manufactured by the Duetsch Company in Chicago and is an original design. How something this magnificient ended up in lil' ole' Arlington, Texas amazes me, but here she is.......and I'm in LOVE.
Also, if you haven't yet participated in the sign up for my monthly giveaway by commenting this month or by actually following...think about doing that now....the soap is wonderful, even if I do say so myself. And if you want to see yet MORE beautiful whites......check my sidebar for the White Wednesday Button and visit all the blogs participating this week....you won't be disappointed, I promise!

September 13, 2009

Giving Back Some "Love"........

I have found such friendship in this wonderful land of blogging. It amazes me that somehow through all of the muck of the day, we have all found each other. All sharing enough similiar interests in art, animals, gardening, food, and families to bring us together on a very regular basis. It also never ceases to amaze me the kind and warm comments left on my posts by people that I would not even recognize if they came to my front door. I get so busy that I often forget to give back, but am taking the time to make sure I do right now......below is a sample of the soap I am offering up in exchange for all of the kindness I have received since I started sharing my life with you.........I hope you will join in......I'm doing it just for YOU!

I do have to admit that when I came up with my new monthly giveaway, I posted it very quickly and didn't even share a picture of what this yummy handmade soap actually looks like, and that is half of it's appeal. The other half, which becomes the most important, is the fact that the soap is absolutely wonderful. Not only is it a natural soap, but it lathers very well, rinses very clean, and does not dry your skin. I have used this soap everyday for the last three years (since I started making it) and very seldom have to use lotion because of dryness. I don't mean to say this is an oily feeling soap, as it isn't. It just doesn't dry your skin where it feels so tight after you use it that you immediately have to use a lotion . So now, all of you visiting and not joining in on the chance to win a whole loaf of this delicious soap will join in the fun and enter your name by either commenting or be entered twice for actually following me.

Make your Day Great! xo jana

September 11, 2009

Another Pink Saturday....It's Like a Hug!

I couldn't resist sharing Marley in her basket on the counter in my shop.....you can tell I woke her up, but no need to worry....she went right back to sleep. I also wanted to share my favorite capodimonte rose candle holders. They are big and beautiful and just the right shade of pink. Have a happy Saturday......and feel the "hug of pink". Want more "hugs"......check my sidebar for Beverly's Pink Saturday button and enjoy.....

Also, if you are so inclined.......leave a comment to be entered into the monthly drawing for a whole loaf of handmade soap....guaranteed yummmy! Choose to follow, and you are entered twice.......thanks for stopping by!

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