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March 25, 2013

Canton First Monday is Coming.........

.......and baby's got stuff!!
I decided to go back to 2001 when I was painting the American
flag on anything if interest.
There is a big market at Canton for this style,
so I thought "why not?".
The key is finding the right piece of furniture
that is conducive to the design.
Then you simply tape it and paint it.....
Great style with little effort...... just a good eye :)
The weather promises to be beautiful and warm this weekend,
especially after this really cold spell we have had....
but my Grandmother and Mother have always told me
there will be a freeze before Easter....
and have always been right.
Come see me this weekend.....
and like Collected Treasures on Facebook
for an added discount!

March 13, 2013

Upcoming Showcase Event, Facebook Discount, and a Secret Prize!

The second Showcase Event hosted by
Collected Treasures
is this Friday and Saturday,
March 15 & 16.
New product has been added,
and the Shoppe is ready to open
at 10:00am on Friday.
Once again, champagne and mimosas will be
served all day long, as well
as munchies to keep your strength
while you shop.
If you like us on Facebook,  you automatically
get a 10% off your purchase.....
now, that could be fun!
To add to the excitement,
there will  be two items daily marked
You find'em.....you keep'em.
Values promised to be up to $50.00.
Nothing will be hidden, or up too high to find...
Just check the price tag and you could be the lucky one!
And for the first time....
Nettie Jane Designs are included in the 10% sale.
It's your chance to try one of my clothing pieces
and see why Canton has fallen in love with
this line :)
Peruse the pictures and maybe there is
something....just something you have to have.

It's all fun stuff...
With a few little twists here and there..
Just to peak your interest...
And stimulate your imagination...
And feather your nest...
Or keep you organized...
Or to store all those treasures you already have :)
Or maybe relax...
And a few sweet things....

With some holiday thrown in....
With my eclectic design style....
Or unique ways to display items...
Hope to see you this weekend!
As an added bonus, remember to pick up
your Downtown Arlington Passport Savings Book.
It has numerous discounts on the restaurants and businesses


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