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October 7, 2010

About Six Posts All In One......So, Here Goes!

I have received several emails from people asking me "where 'ya been?"
I never realized it had been so long since I last shared anything,
As I was too busy working on projects to
Take the time it takes to keep everyone up to date.
So, today, I am sharing all the things I have been working on,
And believe me when I say.....it's all over the map.
I started working with the Resin Ice several months ago
And have finally come up with my own design for necklaces
That fits into what I'm doing in my own little world.
My tag line is......for the home, heart, & soul,
So I like to incorporate that into everything I do.
These pendants are created using vintage jewelry pieces of
Heart jewlery and sell under the label "Two Hearts".
This is pretty much how they start out.....just watch pieces and resin "blobs".After they are wrapped and other elements are added they are ready for a chain.
The bottom necklace is actually a lock and shamrock, rather than two hearts...
But sometimes I get off track :)
Then there was also this old door I found on a vacant lot.
Some kids had been using it for a skate board jump.
When I flipped it over, half of the gorgeous mirror was still intact,
But couldn't be saved,
So it's a huge blackboard....
For now anyway.

I've also pulled out all of my velvet tapestries,
Working on large totes and bags.

This one also incorporates an old needlepoint,
And is huge....just like I like'em.

This is also the front of another one in progress....
Kind of a wierd shape,
But I like how it's coming together.
This photo shows how the ribbon fringe
Looks before it's coffee stained.

And how it looks when it had been soaked
And tossed into the dryer.

Then I don't want everyone to always say I only work
With White.....
A black altered dress....perfect for the holidays!You can't forget the bloomers either.
They look great with a long blouse or sweater,
Or even under your longer skirts.
Very flirty.

And, of course, everything goes out under my own label.

I hope you made it this far,
Because I know it is a longer post than normally share.
Still, I have to take advantage of the few minutes I have to blog these days.
Thanks for stopping by today..
I do love it when you come.


  1. Jana,
    What beautiful things you have created!! I love the black altered dress!! Gorgeous!!


  2. Hi Jana,
    I just love your jewelry and clothing designs. The ruffled ribbon looks wonderful on that beautiful fabric piece.

    The black dress is beautiful. Everything you make is equisite.


  3. I love everything! That jewelry is wonderful...how creative!! You have been very busy, Jana.

  4. You've been busy! but before you know it it'll be Christmas. Love the creations

  5. How wonderful! It's a really creative time of year, isn't it? Just working with what you've got... see where the magic takes you...

    I can't wait to see you again!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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