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November 4, 2010

Puffin' and Fluffin' & Giveaway

Normally I host the Main Street Antique Trade Days Sale in
October, then have a month and a half to get ready for the
Christmas Open House.
But......we were rained out of half of the day and I still have ALOT of stuff.
That's when I decided to host my first Annual Sidewalk Sale.
And the Shoppe will also be open that day for additional savings inside....
A first for me....I either do it one way or the other,
But never at the same time.
So, I have been fluffing up the Shoppe, and puffing as well .
I have a minimal amount of time to get this done as the sale is this Saturday.
I'm sorting through inventory to put outside,
And pricing new things inside.
I don't normally put any Christmas out until after Thanksgiving.
I have succumb to pressure, so out it comes.....

Along with the addition of wonderful old trunks..... And the realization that I'm almost out of my hand poured candles.....,
They will just have to wait until I have more time to pour....

Then the one thing that has completely amazed me about myself.
I have always proclaimed not to be a "glass person".
I think it is pretty,
But can live without it.
However, when I began rearranging areas I kept finding all this glass.

I put it all in one designated area....creating vignettes as I went along....

Finding more and more along the way....

And realized that I just might be a "glass person" after all..............

If you are local, be sure and stop by the Sidewalk Sale and the Shoppe Sale as well....
Everything but Heart & Soul items are included, just no layaway during this sale.

If you aren't in the area.....just tell me what you want.....I can ship it right to you ;)

For those just stopping by and haven't heard, my Fantabulous Giveaway runs through
Novembr 27th for one of my Altered Couture sweaters made just for you!.
Read more about it HERE and come join the group.......
Someone has to win, and it might as well be YOU!

I always love it when you come!


  1. Hi Jana,
    You have been a busy girl! I think that all the glass makes your shop look stunning!

    Seems as though Christmas is getting earlier every year so might as well put it out for sale.


  2. I just think you might be a "dish" girl! Every picture looks so inviting....I could spend hours....you lucky locals!!!

  3. I am telling you....one of these days I am going to come down and visit on one of my jaunts just to see your lovely shop! I just love all the glass.

    Don't forget to set back your clock tonight before you go beddie bye.

    Love you sweet Girl!


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