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May 10, 2011

oh my

Oh my......Thank goodness my heart is in it.....

That's about all I can say this morning, because it hasn't been an easy one.
It started off decent except I awoke with my chest hurting....must have been the 23 pound cat sitting there.  Then  my sweet man told me the alarm was about to go off,
And there was a turtle in the kitchen sink......oh my.
Yep, there he was having been saved from the swimming pool skimmer.
It was then a normal thing with all the mammals.....more food, clean water, meds, and treats.
A couple of loads of laundry, load the dishwasher, make the bed....clean the litter boxes.......
A quick vacuum, water the outside flowers.....and decide what to do with Mr. Turtle.
My man thought I should bring him to the Shoppe to live in the little pond out back......
With all the ferrel cats I feed? oh my.  Not such a good idea so he was released back into the backyard to
Find his siblings.....he was just a tiny thing probably looking for his mama when he toppled into the pool.
Back inside to get myself ready, but not before I start the dishwasher......only to see it start spewing and blowing smoke out the sides......take into consideration this is an 8 year old Kitchen Aid that cost $1,000....
Now toast....what happened to longevity and quality?  We sacrificed it for cheap labor overseas...but don't Get me started on that one.
So now I'm at the Shoppe and it's 9:30. 
 Ebay packages sent are returned for not enough postage....
.my scale is broken as well.....oh my.
I'm afraid to start on any new projects.....doesn't seem like a good day for using a sewing machine or glue gun, much less drills and saws.

The Trade Days Flea Market is this Saturday behind my Shoppe......
Come see if I make it until then :)


  1. Oh my goodness...what a start to the day! Well, I have to tell you that this morning I was dreaming I was peeing and woke to almost peeing in my bed!!! Tee hee!! I made it to the powder room just in time! *giggle*

    Hope your day gets better!


  2. Hi Jana,
    I'm sorry about your bad day. It seems that sooner or later everybody has one of those, hand in there, you'll do good at the trade days flea market, you'll see. Positive attitude is what counts. Sending you positive energy from my desk!
    XXXX Ido

  3. with a morning like that definetly stay away from drills, saws and glue guns. maybe a paint brush would be safe?


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