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March 31, 2012

The "Other" Side of Canton~Setting Up as a Dealer

This year I promised myself
I would break out of my comfort zone and
Do different things.

I have done a couple of upscale shows,
But never Canton...
I do, however, have a customer
that handles estate sales and also does Canton
She let me "ride her coattails"
this past week and showed me all about Canton.

I didn't want to destroy the Shoppe,
nor did I want to take things that would be ruined
by rain, as there was a chance that could happen,
and did.

I took only what the van and I could handle,
So I concentrated on smalls.


As well as "stuff" that really needed to go.
There were a couple of Eastlake chairs thrown in for good measure.

We were on the back lot in what I call the dirt area.
It is truly for the hardcore dealers.....
They arrive at the break of dawn on Wednesday...
sleep in their cars the entire time....
shower in the civic center.....
and are the nicest bunch of people I have ever met.

I was right there with them.
I am nothing if not adventurous,
daring, and a bit gypsy.

We actually started selling the minute we got to our spaces.
People were already allowed in and were buying out of the
back of our trucks.

The nights were pleasant.
You had electricity you could hook up to
so I even watched TV, and
I had my down comforter and feather pillow.

My inventory and I lasted until Friday at close.
I had so very little left that it would have been embarrassing to
put it out for Saturday's crowd.
So I came home to my clean, soft bed,
 hot bubble bath, six dogs, four cats, and my
sweet man..
The gypsy in me had faded and reality was setting in.

When I do shows or sales,
I'm funny, in that I don't normally shop.
I am in a different mind set and work on running my space.

I did, however, find this piece.
Have no idea what it is, but is very heavy...
Maybe part of an old belt?

I can, however, tell you what it is going to be,
and that is the beginnings of a necklace...
or about 18 of them as each piece will be the focal point.
I have a vision :)

The lady down from me had this wonderful
antique celluloid box at a great price....
I had to have it.

And, of course, you know any lace nearby
would come home with me....
It's the law :)

In evaluating a sale, I make a decision
right away if I would ever do the event again.

Making money is a good thing and the whole point,
but even if I do good selling,
and  I don't have fun.....it's a deal killer.
I would definitely do Canton again....
and am planning on it.

I recommend it to anyone,
I just have to warn you.....

It's definitely NOT for sissies:)

Thanks for stopping by today,
you know I love it when you come.



  1. Hi Jana,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Love all your beautiful photo's. Sounds like you had a very busy, fabulous time in Canton. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. Setting up for shows is always a lot of work but well worth it most of the time;) If I had gone to your show I would have been in your booth for a very long time! Looks like you had so many great things:) It is indeed always nice to come home to our nice soft bed.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. I know you Jana....you are no Sissie! I'm so glad that you had a good time and did so well.
    I have never ventured out to do anything like that and maybe one day, who knows.


  4. Wow! You should have a wonderful show. I have s bit of gypsy in me, too...and I think I would love the experience...at least for a couple of days of that kind of "camping". I'm glad you sold so much stuff. Your pictures at Canton are great! xo Diana

  5. Oh what fun! Love what you brought home with you!

  6. There's no place like home, is there!
    Glad this experience was a good one for you...thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. Jana,
    Looks like you had so much fun! I loved seeing your pictures and pretty things.
    Is that Canton, Ga.?


  8. I'll take that box of old keys! Looks like you've got lots of great stuff, glad it went well

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