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September 7, 2012

it was just so obvious, it had to be.....

The one thing I did learn last month in Canton
is that people really gravitate to my handmade and remade items.
I am happy to be appreciated for my odd sense of repurpose.
These things, however, were just so obvious,
They had to become what they wanted to be.
While altering a steamer trunk,
This funky piece fell out.
I figured it was either a hat stand which attached inside the trunk,
or maybe a pincushion.
It was repurposed by simply attaching it to a mirror
stand that had lost it's mirror last year.
I throw nothing out :)
I'm calling it a pincushion now.
This piece came from the same steamer trunk
and was an ironing board.
It had become detached and was repurposed
into a laundry sign.
The obvious wall attachment was an old wooden hanger.

The trunk itself was altered....
Perfect for a little girl's dress up chest.


But the camel backs are my favorite to do.
The weatherman is promising beautiful 80 degree weather
this weekend.....after our 105 degree temperatures,
they are calling it a cold front...
Works for me :)


  1. Some wonderful repurposed pieces here, Jana! Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Simply lovely! Congratulations!



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