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November 26, 2012

It's Canton Time Again.....and Baby's Got Stuff!

Things have been rockin' along,
getting things ready for what I am told
is the biggest month at Canton First Monday Trade Days.
I can't imagine it being any better than it has already,
but that would be wonderful if it were.
I have been blessed and am grateful and thankful
for the last several months.
I'm still purging inventory from the Shoppe.
This is NOT because I am closing.
I do, however, have a great new plan for the new year.
I'm so excited about it but can't share it
until all the plans have been finalized.
I'm also taking *new* inventory to Canton.
I've been able to find some really cool pieces and
hope Canton shoppers like them as well.
This great cabinet was almost a *keeper*
I'm just in love with it's style.
These were ugly brown English auction chairs.
Just a little updating and they are good to go.
Not to mention this wonderful French desk..
A few odds and ends as well.

And my rag dress mannequin.
She will have rag angel wings to complete her ensemble :)

Lots of smalls to load today.
We delivered all the large pieces of furniture yesterday
and tomorrow will be the staging of my Shoppe
on Boardwalk II, Canton, Texas.
Don't forget the store is closed all week.
Come see me at Canton:)
Baby's Got Stuff!

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