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September 6, 2013

Things Change, But They Stay the Same....

The one thing I like to credit myself with is the ability
to recognize when things aren't right.
As I begin my ninth year in my freestanding building Downtown Arlington,
I change my strategy once again....
At the beginning of the year I decided to have a third Friday and Saturday
Showcase Event and have my Shoppe at Canton the end of each month.
It sounded like it would be much, MUCH easier for me....right?  Just being open two days a month...
well, just how easy would that be!
Well, No...no, it wasn't.
The job of rearranging the store each month, while bringing in
fresh merchandise was overwhelming.....it's just me, you know.
The concept was a wonderful one.
My customers caught on right away.
It was everything I needed it to be....
BUT, it turned out to be five times more work than simply being open
each week for normal business.

That's why beginning this week I am now open
each Thursday through Saturday for regular business.
Novel concept, right...LOL
I can already tell you my Shoppe kitties are much
MUCH happier with this decision.
They didn't get to see near as much of me or YOU to
meet their emotional needs....

 and both Marly...(top) and
Baby (bottom) are very needy.
Yep, they are.
I have spent the last week putting the store back together
with some things I had removed thinking I didn't want to
sell them anymore.
Maybe not as much as I once had,
but more than I was offering during the
monthly Showcase Events.
It feels good following my heart and not
what I THINK will work.
Cause you know what they say....
if your heart's not in it then it's just not much fun.
I'm ready to have some fun again...
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.


  1. Hi Jana,just wanted to say how much i enjoy your blog and the store looks wonderful from my view,the idea is a good one and you will feel better too,and believe me when someone wants something they saw in your store they'll be back.Here on the Peninsula where I live there is a shop named Pickings,my friend Sherri came up with a novel idea for doing business,she works a lot and was in Co-Ops for years and wanted to try something else this idea to be open one weekend a month Fri.Sat.Sun.and just pick all month long for treasures,also she sells at more of a wholesale price point,let me tell you what a huge success it is,people can't wait for this 3rd weekend of the month,fresh old found treasures are brought out at the end of each day for the next says crowd...wow it so food,oh and each month she features a guest seller in a spot with their own treasures...someday I would like to try this myself ...and I wanted to say when we let go of something,it's a good thing, our favorites stay with us a lifetime, but we can always find room for another treasure...take care

    1. Hi Debra.....thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words......ideas are only bad if they don't work...right? My problem is that I need more help and more money to pay them :) It will be good.....and I just keep plucking along...again, thank you so much....your comment meant a lot to me......xojana


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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