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April 29, 2013

Canton Week is Here !

Goodness, time flies when there just isn't enough of it, right?
Well, that would be the case with me, for sure.
But the good thing this month is I had three weeks inbetween
last month's Canton and the Showcase Event here at the Shoppe.
Funny how just one week can seem like all the time
in the world, but it helped alot.
I definitely got my creative juices going again
instead of just chasing myself in circles.
I was able to complete projects I started ages ago...
and design some new pieces....
which makes me happy-happy!
Adding some pieces to my jewelry as well...
And banging out frustrations on silverware for
chimes and such....
You definitely cannot call ME a one trick pony :)
And I can hardly believe that this month
marks a year
since I discovered Canton as a dealer.
I didn't have my wonderful Boardwalk II space
until August, but I certainly got my feet wet
out in the fields (literally some months)
and I haven't been the same since.
Canton this month is May 2-5....
come on out, you will love the people and
the treasures. 
 Be sure to look for me right off
Hwy 19 at the East Entrance....
I'm the one smiling :)

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