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January 13, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #1

Welcome to the very first Quick Project Thursday......there aren't many of us yet....and may or may not ever be, but you can still find a project here each and every Thursday that I promise you can complete in only a few hours and has wonderful "bang for the buck" type appeal.

This crochet bag was found at a local thrift store for $2.99. In it's original form (see last pic) you couldn't get past the gold inside lining to see what the purse could really be....but I knew it was the style I was looking for and they are not easy to find. I was able to hand dye some of my cotton laces with nothing other than rit dye in a hot sink bath and dug through my vintage velvets and was delighted to realize I had some wonderful dark green. Tearing the fabric into strips I was able to weave through the crochet bag in various lengths and patterns, alternating with the dyed laces, creating a wonderful random pattern....hiding the ugly gold completely. The weaving is easy to do by simply attaching a safety pin to one end and going in and out of the crochet blocks. When I got to the ends, I tucked them in, or you could easily take a couple of stitches by hand to hold them into place. I added a beautiful matching green millinery rose from my stash for just the girlie look I love, and it was done. I would still like to add some 3" green fringe to the bottom, but haven't found quite what I am looking for yet. With or without the fringe, it has great presence and I love it because it looks like it took hours and great skilll.....yet the project can be completed in under two hours once you have your supplies.....and I promise....finding the bag will be the most challenging part of this project.......

From this.......

I hope you enjoyed the quick project here and that you will try one yourself. I realize there are alot of theme days out there, but if you are the "queen" of quick projects, I invite you to grab my button by pasteing into your blog and joining us for the fun each and every Thursday. We are starting small, and I may end up being the only one, but you are always assured of finding something quick and easy that has wonderful presentation



  1. Hi Jana! I LOVE this idea!.. and I love this theme/weekly event!.. But I'm only just finding out about it right NOW!.. so I'd definitely like to play along, but maybe next week! In the meantime, I'll post your "Quick Project Thursday" button on my right side bar! Nice to meet you, and looking forward to visiting again! ~tina P.S. Where are "the other two participating"??

  2. Jana,
    The purse turned out great. Excited over the Thurs. post on new projects.
    Looking forward to seeing you Friday when I drop off a few things.

  3. Beautiful project! What a transformation ~ Angela

  4. That is really sweet.
    I'm trying to get something done tonight, rather than post an old project.


    barbara jean

    IS the a link when i get it odne?

  5. Lovely idea! It really was transformed into something much more beautiful. Blessings, Tammy

  6. From ugly to beautiful in a matter of minutes! Haven't been around much so it's the first I've heard of your new meme. Not sure how many "quick" projects I can come up w/ but I'll post your button on my sidebar. I'll do some brainstorming & maybe come up w/ some ideas but you know me, I'm a copycat. I'll visit every week to try & steal some ideas though. LOL

  7. I've got your button ready and on my sidebar. Can't wait to take part in it.

  8. all I can say is WOW! What a creative & amazing girl you are!! That little bag turned out darling! Just found your site & anxious to go look around!

  9. Hi Jana
    How have you been - hope your holidays were good. I have had computer problems so I am just starting to get around and do a little catch up. Your bag is darling wish I could participate but too much going on right now
    I will just enjoy reading

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhh....guess what came in my mail today??????? *squealing with delight* You were right on target, your love gift did scream my name!! OMG, I can't believe you found this! Do you know something....YOU are a Rock Star for finding something like this that is perfect for my studio! Jana, I just adore you for thinking of me when you saw this. I was jumping with joy when I took it out of the package! Thank you sweet one!

  11. You're speaking my language when you say quick and easy! I love that bag, too!



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