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January 20, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #2

Welcome to Quick Project Thursday #2......this project is fun and simple and is even useful. You can use any metal tray that works with a magnet, as the end result is a bulletin board. This particular tray measures approximately 20" across....it was silk screened with a tacky rooster that was happy to go.

Base coat the tray with white spray paint covering all graphics and color so the sheer pattern tissue designs show when decoupaged onto the center of the tray...allowing to dry.
Using a 3/4" brush and metallic gold paint, stripe the edge of the tray down to the center decoupaged area.
Use a coat of stain or distressing ink to knock the paint down and give it some age.
Clean up the line where the paint meets the pattern with a row of vintage buttons.
Drill two holes on the inside flat part of the tray, weaving a ribbon or cord through creating a hanger for your bulletin board.
Seal the overall piece with Krylon clear sealer.
Using large vintage buttons and magnets purchased at a hardware or craft store, affix them to each other using household epoxy glue.........you're ready to post important notes to yourself in your sewing room.......
join the other's participating today by using the links to the right....there's just a few of us right now, but there are enough ideas to keep you busy all week.......

I never said I was a neat crafter........my poor gallon of glue proves that point well.

Nice and easy, and looks wonderful hung on a door or above your work area.........


  1. Jana,
    Thanks for coming by and reminding me about quick project Thursday.

    I wanted to do a tutorial on making the 'vintage' shoe, but do not have my shoe right now.
    So, I will do..... something else. =)))

    I will be back.

    blessings and thanks

    barbara jean

  2. Hi Jana..and thank you for the sweet reminder. This time I didn't forget, but I have a killer headache. I will try to post in the morning..and sit quietly tonight and look at others pretty works. I love your tray idea.. and have a great place to hang one.

  3. OK girl
    I'm up and running.
    Did a little tut on one of my art projects.=0))
    blessings and thanks for hosting

    barbara jean

  4. LOVE the tissue pattern decoupage...I'm stealing that idea for something!

    I'm trying to get my post up but I'm having problems uploading the pictures...all 2 of them. LOL Don't know what the problem is but as soon as I get it worked out, my post will be up.

  5. What a pretty plate it turned out to be. Thanks for sharing this.

    I've got my post up now. Pink Hearts and Flowers Valentine's Day Tree centerpiece.

  6. Hi Jana! What fun! LOVE your idea today! This would be cute in my sewing area.. as soon as I set it up anyways! (0; My own quick project is now posted! Looking forward to posting again next week, if I can make the time to! ~tina


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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