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July 6, 2010

Was the 4th the LONGEST Holiday Ever?

I'm not certain how everyone else experienced this past fourth of July, but for me it lasted FOREVER...
There were fireworks in Fort Worth Friday night, Saturday night was Arlington, Sunday night at the Ballpark, and Monday night in Dallas. It seems that with the rainy weather no one could make up their mind when the holiday should actually BE.....
I do know, however, I am very glad it is all over.....
On a more positive note, I did take the opportunity to work on some handbags that have been bouncing around in my head.
The one in the background I showed several weeks ago, and it is one of my favorites because of the old millinery flowers. The little white one is also very sweet and uses a vintage satin woven bag with newly created flowers covering the entire front.
And another woven bag. I have normally done the whites and cremes, however, when I found this little red number I took on the challenge of dying the laces and fabrics to match. Once a vintage Lucite purse handle is added in place of the long shoulder strap, it takes on a more feminine presentation......I don't normally do "colors", but really like the way this turned out.

And lastly.....today is the very first day of school for my sweet Tatsey. Her Mama has taken a new job and is no longer working out of their home.
My stomach is is knots, and my heart is in my throat.
I cannot tell you how difficult it is not to close the Shoppe and go get my baby......

Have a happy week!


  1. Jana amor, what lovely purses you created...and you are right....this 4th weekend just seemed to go on and on and on and I felt that with all the BBQ's and family get togethers, like I just ate & ate & ate lol Ugh so glad that is over and life is once again back to normal...well as normal as can be around here. I also wanted to thank you for your lovely comments of love & support, they have meant so much to our family at this time, our Ashley is doing so much better, I attribute that to everyone's good thoughts & prayers...Thank you! Besos, Rose

    P.S. I can't believe how big your lil tater tot is getting! She is just gorgeous! :)

  2. Did you go to all those firework shows?! Your handbags are just exquisite, Jana! It is very difficult to pick one that I like best...I like them all!

    I understand your anxiety over Miss Sterling. I can only imagine how Mama is doing. But Miss Sterling will love the interaction with the other children. She will come home and tell you "all about it!" Oh....the stories....enjoy every minute!

  3. Oh, Jana, after seeing that precious grandbaby photo, it will be a great week! Your artwork on the handbags is gorgeous. Give that baby a big hug! And have a wonderful week. ~ Angela

  4. These bags are just darling! But....even MORE darling is Miss Tatesy!

    GF, it was hotter than a chicken on a hot brick here today. 103! Even the water in my pool is 92. I am hibernating!


  5. Jana your purses are just gorgeous! Wow, I'm in awe. I do so know how you feel about Tatsey. We grandmothers shouldn't have to go through those withdrawals should we? Hang in there.

    Hugs XX

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for your sweet comments.
    That baby is a doll!!
    It was a very long 4TH!!!!
    Have a great day!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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