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April 27, 2009

It's not ALL business......

I have often been accused of not having a personal life and "living" at the store. I guess it is because that is all of me that I seem to ever share and it is an open book as I continue to grow my business and survive in this crazy economy. Still, I do have a personal life and a very wonderful one. Not only do I have two cats at the store, but I also have three large resuce dogs and four rescue cats at home.....and all my very special loves. My home and my yard are my passion, and my business is just an extension of that passion. Here I share some of my backyard with you.....still very young as spring has just sprung and there are so many things not yet in bloom....we still have gorgeous blue phlox to come, as well as fabulous hydrangeas, Texas lilacs, yellow cannas, and orange trumphet vine (yes, I do have this but keep it very much at bay). The purple wisteria and azaleas are already done for the season, so the scenery is constantly evolving....especially with the Texas heat. I always have my pink begonias as they are just so Texas friendly and last almost until Christmas for wonderful color. I hope you enjoy the tour.......it is a little slice of my personal heaven!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! I love your yard!!! Is there any chance of a friend having a private tour?? I would return the favor! What is Texas Lilac's? What about this rain? Is the garden at the shop in? I think I am going to write to my friend Dawn & ask her to stop overtshe tells other bloggers (& SHE HAS A HUGE FOLLOWING) about new bloggers. Your site is so cute I think she would like it. Have a great week.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi found your blog and beautful garden in Tiina's blog "Dream in Cream" I also love to garden and just started a booth of my own..in a antique shop on the beach..My second passion are my 2 dogs Jujube and Toby..they keep me very busy. Stop by and check out Cambria by the Sea. Marlene

  4. You have just a beautiful yard ~ I just love it ! Working in the yard is one of my very favorite things to do ~
    Thank you for sharing !


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