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December 28, 2009

I Have Two Bags Done.....Well, That's a Start!

I have not had more than one day off at a time since the store opened almost 4 years ago......the store is a very large part of my life, so you can imagine the withdrawal I am having being off FIVE days in a row.......I have cooked, I have cleaned....I have decorated and undecorated....I have moved furniture around, and I shopped........goodness, can I tell you how much I dislike malls........I just can't do it....I just can't. So while others are out there creating havoc and stress in their lives, I choose to stay at home sorting through bins and boxes and creating. There is nothing more soothing than the creative process for me......and when it is all things old, then I am in heaven. I have lots of plans and ideas for the new year, and one of them is being very aggressive about developing my own clothing line......I have the sweaters, some purses, and skirts, but when you only have a couple made at any given time......how can you expect to be "in the business" of selling these. I plan on devoting a whole corner of the store to a whole inventory of these items.....wish me luck on that one :) . That is at least the plan, and I have gotten a start on some sweet lace purses that have been knocking about in my head for some time now.....I like the way they are turning out, so I know I have at least two "ready to go" ...lol

The lace weaving and the "ends" which will come part of the back when woven into place.

The bag as it started.....

This bag is the result of just playing around with a vintage crochet bag that had a very loose and open pattern....I purchased it years ago at a local thrift store and just never did anything with it. I used various shades of white and ivory vintage laces in widths from 3" down to 1" and simple wove it in rows through the crochet at different intervals making for a random pattern. I liked the texture of simply tieing them together when they met each other at the back so I just left it that way.....I have attached one of my silk hand dyed roses on the top corner, but am trying to find an ivory velvet to add ruched roses instead.....not having much luck with that one yet, but I'm still on the hunt.

This bag will be my next "venture" as I attempt to dye lace this color green.....or maybe I will use some of my antique velvet for weaving......have to think on this one a while.........

It's not too late to comment and/or follow for a chance to win my monthly drawing of Victorian handmade wire cones..........just leave me some "love" and I'll throw your name in the hat:)

xo, jana


  1. I LOVE it!! Oh my gosh it is so gorgeous! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  2. Jana, that purse is absolutely beautiful! You are so artistic! So glad to be back in blogland to visit creative people! Happy new year!

  3. Wow, even on vacation you just go and go like the energizer bunny:)

    The bags looks wonderful!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  4. Hi Jana..LOVE your purses! I also make purses and am experimenting with lace..I crochet my own purses ..these are beautiful with your weaving technique! How creative..!

  5. Just came by to enjoy all the lovelies.

    Oh, I saw you can sign up for the contest still, so sign me up please.
    I am a follower already.


    barbara jean

    PS love how the bag is turning out.


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