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December 18, 2009

I'm Gonna Tell on Myself Now......

To share this with you I have to be able to "tell" on myself because it was totally my forgetting to clean up a mess I made that caused all of this to happen. While I was aging silk roses with distressing ink, I found they would "bleed" much better for me if I also dipped them into water. I finished that project and left my cup of water on the work table, not realizing that later I knocked it over.....when I did realize the mess I had made, I was on my way out the door and simply threw a couple of paper towels over the water to soak it up........then forgot about it the next day....When I did find it, the paper towel had dried and soaked up all the distressing ink and also other colors from scrap papers on the table........Now to tell on myself further, I just couldn't throw this beautiful rainbow paper towel away because the colors were so incredibly beautiful.....doesn't that just show the hoarder in me??????? Still, I just couldn't do it. Then today I found myself twisting and turning the beautiful paper towel into a rose.........you know, if I tried to duplicate this process, it would never work......so this is the one and only one there will be....but isn't it lovely!!!

Who would have thought spilt inky water, combined with scrap papers on my workbench would have ever resulted in such a gorgeous verigated "paper towel" that then became a paper rose.......sometimes accidents are a good thing!



  1. It is lovely Jana. Sometimes our mistakes turn out the best.

  2. It IS gorgeous!! That's amazing - and like you say might be hard to duplicate if you were actually trying for that result, but who knows...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  3. Jana leave it to you amor to make something so lovely out of a mistake :) Besos, Rose

  4. Now that is a creative mind and crafty hands at work. It's lovely! Holidays blessings :) Tammy

  5. That is what I call happy accidents. It is beautiful.

  6. Jana!!! I just LOVE that you did this!! It so sounds like something that I would do ~ who can throw away beauty?? And look what you did with the towels!!! Just gorgeous sweet friend ~ hugs and love, Dawn


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