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December 22, 2010

That One Special Gift....

Every Christmas since I can remember my daughter has always wanted the moon and the stars from "Santa" as kids do.
The list has always been long and often very expensive as she grew older.
But the one thing she has always ask for has been something "created" by me.
As she has grown into the beautiful woman she is today,
This particular gift has often been the "best she received" and the one
She has always remembered.
I created beautiful silver heart charm bracelets for both of us several years ago.
This year I put together a silver heart charm necklace for her, hoping it will be
As special to her as the bracelet is.
I used only my most special hearts and ones that meant alot to me.
The large focal heart was hers as a teenager.
The locket to the right has my initials engraved on the front
And is also from my childhood.
The gold locket simply has a special place in my heart.
It is an antique Victorian rose gold piece that
Simply touches my soul.

Special hearts
can be added along the way to fill the chain up as much as she wants.
These are the gifts I really enjoy giving
And are the ones that stay around forever.
Thanks for stopping by today....
I love it when you come.


  1. What a beautiful gift from the heart! Something that is sure to be treasured forever and ever! Merry Christmas!!


  2. What a lovely and special gift for your daughter. I cannot think of anything more appropriate than hearts with so much love and meaning.

    It's beautiful.

    Merry Christmas.


  3. So very pretty, I am sure she will love it. Merry Christmas!

  4. How beautiful, I know your daughter will cherish it..


  5. Beautiful creation, and made of one of my favorite collections too! Thank you for your kind note today...made me smile. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. Sterling must be so amazed by it all and such a joy! Enjoy. ~ Angela

  6. This is so sweet - I am sure she will be thrilled!

  7. This is a beautiful necklace. I'm sure she will treasure it always. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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