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February 10, 2011

Silver Spoon Pendants

As I continue to ready myself for the first Le' Pre'miere Quarterly Extravaganza,
I find myself completing all the projects I had been planning for what seems like years.
I am also bouncing back and forth between my home blog here and also at
the Le' Pre'miere blog featuring new merchandise and projects.
I literally had a hundred silver spoons of various ages and designs.
After pounding these flat and adding various words of inspiration,
My hands were black with tarnish and stiff with pain.

But the end results were just as I planned.

I did, however, leave about ten of the spoons whole and added
A garden theme of "herbs" so they can be placed inside your pots of windowsill
Herbs for a little pizazz.
The remainder were stamped with various words and phrases depending on the
Size of the spoon surface.

The handles
were cut and looped over, creating a hook
So the spoon can be attached to a chain and worn as a pendant necklace.

So as not to waste a bit, the beautiful handles were saved
And will be looped around a round key ring holder
Creating a key ring fob.

I am thinking I will complete a project that is a little less violent
In nature......I don't think my arm can take two days of pounding metal.

Thank you for stopping by today....
You know I love it when you come.


  1. Oh my goodness, how in the world did you make so many of these beautiful spoons. I love them! They are going to sell fast and out the door!


  2. Hi Jana,
    Where can I find your new blog featuring these lovely spoons?


  3. OR you could use the ends to make rings
    Hugs wendy


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